Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fridays Fiction Postponed

I apologize for not continuing our journey through the endless sea of rules and regulations set upon authors by editorial and publishing preferences, but yesterday was a scary day of tornado watches and warnings, along with thunder and lightning which made using the computer a little too risky.

Luckily, this time our area didn't take the hit, but sadly, a tornado(s) did touch down in Murphreesboro, not all that far from here. The twister did massive damage and took some precious lives. Among those lost, a new mother and her nine-week-old baby girl. For some reason, when children are involved, it tugs more at my heartstrings. My prayers are with those lost and those who lost them.

Baring bad weather or anything other obstacles, next Friday I'll explore more writing "faux pas" and "must do's" so I hope you'll join me.

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Lisa Logan said...

How absolutely horrible. But grateful to hear things were okay right where you are.


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