Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Simperings

On Wednesday, April 15th, Tax Day, Tea parties are being held across the nation. This map shows the number orchestrated as of last week, I'm sure the numbers have grown.

I never expected to become a sign-toting attendant, but I'll be in Nashville on that day, letting the government know that I've had enough. I'm going to stand up and be counted as someone who unburied my head, took notice, and did something positive. I can't say anything will come of it, but I do know that the more people who take part, the more attention we can garner.

President Obama promised change and hope, but the changes he's making are not promising positive outcomes for us or our children and grandchildren. In my opinion, he's shamed us before the world by apologizing for us without even knowing our own personal feelings. I've never been dismissive, derisive, or arrogant about others living anywhere, and I resent his implication that I have. How about you?

I've had enough of his inability to present himself as an educated and knowing leader of our country. As someone recently said...this is the USA, not an OBAMA-nation. Those who lead America should not bow down to Saudi Arabian kings, nor should they insult leaders of other nations which ridiculous gifts. When the people of your own country are suffering, worried, and killing one another because they've reached the end of their ropes, you don't point fingers on your predecessor, nor do you hand out billions to Pakistan, Mexico, or the Palestinians. You take care of your own first, then do what you can for the rest. Am I wrong? Someone must agree because "Charity begins at home," has been a saying for as long as I've been alive.

As to the bow...I borrowed this from "Atlas Shrugs" a blog I follow. It's really eye-opening, and scary at the same time.

The bow wasn't a "mistake". If it had been merely protocol, he would have bowed to the Queen of a country that is our staunchest ally. Instead, he bowed to the Muslim king of the most violent, misogynistic strain of Islam. That's no accident.

Obama was born a Muslim. Period. His father was a Muslim, and according to Islamic law, if your daddy is a Muslim, you are a Muslim. He claims to have converted to Christianity, but there is no record. No baptism - he admits to that. He joined a Nation of Islam-inspired church of black liberation theology.

Ladies and Gents...this has nothing to do with color, but everything about Islamic power seeping into our nation and their dastardly habits being overlooked because they are protected by sharia law. Just google how many incidents take place in the United States everyday and you'll be appalled. Children are tortured, women are maimed...take into the account the recent beheading of a woman by her husband over her wanting a divorce. It's not so much that he DID it, but the he considered he was ENTITLED to DO it. Is this what we want for our country? Not me. Women fought too hard and too long for equal rights in this country to ignore these atrocities.

I've always been of a mind there is little one person can do, but Tea Parties give us a voice louder than just our own. So, I've decided the sign I'll carry will say, "Obama promised HOPE and CHANGE, but I didn't expect I'd be HOPING to find enough spare CHANGE in my purse to buy food."

Yes, my husband is being laid off along with the millions already unemployed. My son lost his job too, but by the grace of God, found another. For some it isn't that easy. My sister has been searching, and willing to take pretty much anything that she can physically do, since October--nothing found! The fact that 170 people showed up to apply for a janitorial job here in TN is a sad forecast of our future. Now he's bringing troops home to flounder in this sea of lost jobs and cutting their lifelines in the process.

I don't blame the President alone. Congress if filled with people who are in the pockets of special interest groups. They've become greedy and need to be replaced. The pork in the Omnibus bill didn't just walk in and jump on the pages...they were purposely placed there so someone in Congress could fatten their own wallet. It's time to get out the broom and clean house. These people have made this a career for long enough. There's a mandatory retirement age for most jobs...why not for those in government who have become old and ineffectual? Check out the records of some of these political warhorses and be amazed at how long they've been around. When you point at the current administration...make it a wide sweep.

So, yes, I'm encouraging you to find a Tea Party in your area and let yourself be counted as those who find our current situation appalling. It isn't going to improve anytime soon unless we do something, and do it NOW! Tea anyone???


Katie Hines said...

Ginger, bravely said. I, too, am extremely worried about the state of our country and the direction it is headed under the current administration. Times are really scary, and I wonder what it is our children and grandchildren will have to deal with in the future.

The things happening now are merely stepping stones to outright flagrantly shoving aside the Constitution, and implementing laws that our forefathers would have gasped at.

Go ahead and sound off, Ginger. America needs to wake up and see that the Obama administration is evil wrapped in a suit.

unwriter said...

I agree we need to curtail these old boy groups called Congress. The best way is to shut off their bank accounts like they have for us. Why should they worry about us poor voters who put them in office when they have 9 figure bank accounts to fall back on?

Maryann Miller said...

Good post, Ginger, and I will be attending a tea party nearby. I have been saying for years that we need to have another tea party and I am so glad that someone got this going.

Unfortunately, we can't just blame the current administration for the problems. Politicians have been stomping all over the constitution for decades and we have been slipping into socialism for years. I think people are just more aware and afraid right now because of the economy.

Lisa Logan said...

Good idea, but I'm nowhere near ready to toss Obama out with the used tea bags. He barely took office,yet people are already saying he isn't changing enough things, or the right things, or too many of the wrong things. The term is four years long for a reason...and I'm afraid our current state is going to take more than this to turn around.


Ginger Simpson said...

The nice thing about America is that we still have the right to express our opinions without fear of retribution. I think. :)

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