Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Tidbits

When is pirating ebooks okay? Reselling books has always been a big industry. I know my mother utilizes used book stores to earn credits for future reads. But...when you find huge sites on the Internet that offer readers a place to put in a request for a free Ebook download and realize that people are bypassing the publishing, author and printer to share your copyrighted work...isn't that a major infringement?

I'm no lawyer, and I'm not certain any of my books appear on AstalaVista's Underground Forum, but I certainly recognize many of my fellow authors among the 17 pages of requests I was able to scan without joining. A friend is currently scanning the 260 pages of available books and I'm shocked to see the entire backlist of many authors available for free.

I've have mixed emotions. On one hand, I feel slighted that no one has requested my work, and on the other, I suppose, relieved that no one is stealing my stuff for free. *lol* Honestly...people just keep finding ways to insult one another.

Thought I'd share this link today in case anyone wants to take action. I hear through the grapevine that one publisher has already initiated a law suit.


Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Miz Ging,
I scanned that site, not all of it, but I too, saw many author's names I know...being an author myself, this kind of site makes me furious. They have no right to offer an author's work for free. It's stealing the food right off her/his table. An author spends hours, days, weeks and months writing a book, sometimes even years. She/He deserves to be paid. There's so much hard work put into writing and hours of research, unless you're an author, one simply has no idea the amount of time it takes to get a book ready for the consumer. Unless you're on the NY best seller list, the income from novels isn't that great, then to lose what little one might make from sales because someone thinks they have the right to pirate your work is an insult.Hopefully soon there will be a way for these thieves to be put in jail. They're no different than today's pirates on the seas...Tabs

Kim Richards said...

It is ILLEGAL do do this with ebooks; heck any book. The bums!

lastnerve said...

It's total insanity. Is there no one else to report this to? UGHHHHHH!

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