Friday, May 1, 2009

Upcoming Contest - Beginning May 8th

Okay fellow authors...get your fingertips ready on those keyboards. I've decided to hold a contest, and yes there will be a prize involved...yet to be announced. There's a bit of a challenge involved because most of my author friends are 'romance' writers. I'm trying to write outside my genre comfort area and finding it's not all that easy.

So, on May 8th, I'll provide a single sentence. Your job, should you choose to participate, will be to write a paragraph, length your choice, and incorporate said sentence into your imaginary mystery, and end with a hook.

I'll ask you to email your submissions so I can post them during the week, and I'll promo the contest and solicit readers to come and vote for their favorite. So...get ready to play. I'm thinking of something I might like to win as a gift to make this worthwhile.

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Sally_Odgers said...

Sounds like fun, Ginger! I'm in!

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