Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ah, Sweet Romance!

Isn't it wonderful to escape to a world where heroes are hunky and heroines are beautiful? But what happens when we have to come back to reality? Let's face it. God did not create us all equal, and the focus on the importance of beauty has become ridiculous. Of all the book covers you've seen, have you seen a middle-aged woman with wrinkles, gray hair, and baggy boobs? Nope! Well...old people need love, too. *lol*

My husband keeps reminding me what an amorous person I was fourteen years ago. The best I can do is tell him to hold onto those memories, because the ravages of time have all but erased any self-esteem I had. Gravity helped, too, and it's hard to feel good about being intimate when you don't like your body. I was never really crazy about mine, but there was a fleeting time I considered I wasn't all 'that' bad. Believe me, I know different now. Like the old joke...I used to wear a 38D and now I wear a 40 Long... there really isn't any humor in what aging does to you.

Everything has shifted, including my derriere. The only thing that has withstood the ravages of time are the 'saddlebags' I've tried desperately to eliminate my whole adult life. And, let's talk about cellulite. I could be an advertisement for cottage cheese. It's sad. I don't even like to undress in front of myself, let alone anyone else. Sadly, it has taken a toll on my love life. I'm blessed with a patient husband, but I'm not sure how long that patience will last. The last time we were intimate, we both got leg cramps so bad we had to stop. How romantic is that?

I'd like to see someone incorporate my love life into a romance novel. But come to think of it, it probably would be sold more as a tragedy or a humorous offering. It's not like I don't want to be the woman I used to be. I do have a brand new package of "His and Hers" lubricating lotion. I'm saving it for a special occasion...like when I'm in a coma.


Molly Daniels said...


The last time we were intimate, I had to call a halt because of his actions causing unbearable pain...TOTALLY destroyed the mood! After a mild complaint, he looked at me and we both laughed...we're not twenty years old anymore!

Tabitha Shay said...

Miz Ging,
Only you could come up with a blog like this...Girl, you are so funny...Fear not, you aren't the only one who is aging...and try adding a broken hip into the factor...I swear I needed hinges instead of screws, nothing opens like it once did...lol...Tabs

Katie Hines said...

LOL. Great article, Ginger. I am blessed to have a husband who repeatedly tells me he doesn't care what my body looks like, he loves me. How sweet is that?

lastnerve said...

OMG - do you realized I just spit out my coffee at the computer screen? Good thing it was hubby's computer ...... after posting this, I am going to get up erase the cookies and history and act like I wasn't even here! 38D to a 40 Long ... OMG girl, you are so crazy!

J.A. Saare said...

As I once explained to my husband when he inquired about my decrease in "bust" size a couple of years ago -

"One too many litters turned those pointers into sitters, dear."

Seriously, I laughed so hard when I read this but I can totally relate. I wrote an entry on my blog recently called Hang ten...or fifteen.

I think I'll put that on my writers blog as well...


Lisabet Sarai said...

Ginger, dear,

Chiming in a bit late as I've been off the Internet for a move -- but oh, do I identify. Not so much because of my appearance, but because of health issues that make sex difficult and painful.

Fortunately my husband and I have a relationship that doesn't depend on sex... but I do miss being horny and flexible. Actually, I'm still pretty horny...!

That's one reason that I read and write erotic romance. Vicarious satisfaction!


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