Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back From Camping Again

I expected to have a relaxing and fun time, but the weather didn't cooperate. I'm sure you've heard that Tennessee boasts weather you can wear. Well, it's true. I had my hair cut and styled an hour or so before we left, and by the time we finished setting up camp, I was wearing a hair helmet. This picture is the view from any window in our camper. No, it's not rain, it's moisture caused from breathing.

I can stand heat, but when it's mixed with a sauna, then get me the heck out of there. Two minutes outside was like sitting in a shower for ten. Kelly changed shirts so many times in the first half-day, he ran out of clean clothes. We ended up leaving a day early because the gray water tank was full from all the showers we took.

Of course, when I booked the site on line, I had no idea I was reserving the ONLY one in the park without a tree. Oh, there was a stump where on used to be, but not a lick of shade anywhere. Not even under our canopy because the sun beat in from all sides. I took "Smore" fixins, but it was just too hot to even light a fire. Thankfully, we had air conditioning in the trailer, and I really felt sorry for all those folks trying to sleep in tents. Lord, what were they thinking? Our friends came up for the night, and we ended up playing Yahtzee inside. We had a nice time, but it would have been more like camping to sit outside and roast marshmallows while watching the moon rise on the lake. Maybe next time...when we camp in the fall. :)

My husband is one of those people who helps those in need. Right after we arrived, the people in a neighboring site came down to their boat, planning to take a little ride. Since the lake is fed from a dam, they didn't realize when water releases, the level decreases. Their boat now rested on a log, and they couldn't push it out. Kelly to the rescue. Once he started helping, they all climbed in while he provided the muscle to push them out, wading almost waist-deep in the lake. Boots, pants, everything wet, and all he got for his trouble was a wave as they gunned the engine and rode away. Served them right when their boat sank later in the day. That wasn't nice was it?

Oh well...like Dorothy says when she returned from Oz. There's no place like home! I'm not going camping again until the leaves start to turn.

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