Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's Widsom - Steer Clear...

Of ANY product that says this...

Honestly, I've joked about some of the ridiculous claims made by TV announcers, but the human side of me was curious enough to see if there was any truth to a few of them. I can honestly say...

Shamwow should be Wow...this is a sham. The amazing piece of material the announcer claims will soak up anything barely soaks up anything. If you happen to wash it, it shrinks up to the size of a small washcloth. I'll stick with paper towel. It works better and is less expensive. I'm just wondering how they made it look so 'amazing' during the ad.

I can't recall the name of those little things that are supposed to remove hair simply by buffing your skin, but don't believe it. You'll remove your skin before you budge a hair. I bought the product because it came with a small one to use on your face. As I've aged, I've noticed a few hairs springing up here and there, and I thought this might be a way to rid myself of the problem. After using it, my upper lip turned bright pink and felt like I had been in a horrible chafing wind. When I checked my magnifying mirror...I wasn't missing a single hair. Save your money for a good wax job.

They advertised a two for one super mop. I'd had one similar that I purchased from a home show in California, and I really liked it. This one on TV looked identical...well almost. So, what could I lose for $10.00. I'll tell you what...$35.00 for shipping and handling. Hey, they had to be reimbursed for that free mop somehow. And when it was nothing like I expected. I just can't win.

Neither can my sis. She purchased some grass seed that was supposed to provide a thick carpet of green wherever you threw it. The ad claimed several square feet, but what she got was a 3 x 5 post-card-sized batch of green corn silk. Not quite what she had in mind for the bald spot in the lawn.

If anyone has found a product "As Seen on TV" that wasn't a big disappointment, I'd like to hear about it. Anyone?

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Word Crafter said...

LOL Ginger, as Judge Judy would say..."If it seems to good to be true..." Thanks for enlightening me, I've been tempted a few times by those infomercials.
Great job, as always!

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