Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Mania

Most people probably don't realize how much time is involved in promoting...and the more houses you sign with, the more demands are made on your time. That's why I ask my friends to visit here, once in a while, so I can have a little break from one task. I love to blog, but it can be an all-consuming passion. I have to pace myself. So, I offer opportunities for my friends to come here and introduce their work to you.

What I'd like to know, and comments are welcome and you read the posts of my fellow authors and do you find them entertaining and helpful?

In the same line of questions...authors, do you read all the posts made to your Facebook? Do you read all the Tweets of those you follow? I don't know how to fit everything into a day anymore. I need some suggestions. Anyone?


Maryannwrites said...

Ginger, I do try to visit your blog and keep up with your guests as often as I can. I also read the Tweets when I can and respond to a few. But I don't try to keep up with everything everyday. It can make you crazy. :-)

It's important to keep things in perspective. Write first. Take care of family. Then promote. If I run out of time before I do everything in that third category, I do more the next day if I can.

Unknown said...

Too late... I'm already crazy. :) I do so appreciate that fact that you find time to stop by here so often. As an author, I really have learned to appreciate it when my peers make time for me in their busy schedules. I think we should ban anymore time-consuming internet venues like Twitter and Facebook. *lol*

Maryannwrites said...

LOL, Ginger, and here I come at you with another time-consuming thing. But it really didn't take me long at all to do it. I tagged you for the I cannot Tell a Lie Meme. The details will be on my blog tomorrow, Tuesday. So rest up for a busy day. :-)

Angie said...

Gonna be totally honest here... so be prepared :)

I read your blog via email daily...I admit I skim when it is not from you.

I don't Twitter, I have myspace and look it about once a month - or when someone puts something on my page that triggers an email to me!

I do facebook and read status updates. I try to post my own, but my creativity in writing sucks, so I don't get to promote myself...

I will also admit - yours is the only blog I ususally read on a daily basis - I like your commentary, you are real and don't just push books, books, books! You hooked me on your daily tidbits about life and just "stuff" I loved your shamwow post here lately!

Molly Daniels said...

I also visit daily to see what you're up to:) And if a guest blogger grabs my attention, I'll read, though may not always comment.

I only go to MS once a month or so, or if I'm bored; FB I check the status of my friends 2-3 times a day, making comments, and lately hitting five other with pillows to let of steam, lol! Also passing drinks around for good news. Haven't braved Twitter yet.

Unknown said...

I appreciate the candid answers and finding out that you visit because you enjoy my posts. That suddenly makes this obsession of mine worth while. I'm going to continue my Thursday Tourists for a while, but I think I'll blog today on Blog Tours and how effective they really are. :)


Dale Jones said...

I don't twitter, myspace or facebook. Email is more than enough for me. Otherwise I wouldn't have time for reading your books. lol. I'm going to nickname you "The female Lewis Grizzard" You make me laugh at everyday things.

Latesha said...

I try to read your blog and guest authors postings, but sometimes, I don't get the notice about the visitor until late. I try to leave comments, but sometimes the page won't accept it. I find their insights on various topics intersting when I can read them.

Diane M. Wylie said...

Wow, Ginger, I am honored that you put the cover to my book, SECRETS AND SACRIFICES, in your cube art. Thanks!

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