Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday Fiction, Saturday Stuff, all on Sunday

I received an email today, asking me to share this banner with those who might be interested in entering their work in the contest for 2010. Just what I needed, one more thing to ponder. Embezzled Love was a finalist last year, and that encouraged me to enter again...but which story? Check the EPIC website if you're interested.

Even with my sister living with me and acting like Mr. Clean, minus the bald head, I still can't get a handle on all the 'authorly' things I need to complete. Now, my husband has left for orientation for a new job, and I'm going to actually have to get out of this chair and do something around the house. There go the nails I've managed to sprout. *lol* I knew I'd eventually have to relinquish my crown as the household queen, but you can't blame me for trying to hold onto it.

I'm such a ditz sometimes. It wasn't enough that I fought with myself daily over which manuscript to work on, I got the bright idea to request the rights back to White Heart, Lakota Spirit so I could shop it again. Well, I read it and decided it needs a whole lot more work than I originally thought. Even previously published work needs love and attention. *smile*

I've learned tons since I wrote that book, and although the story is awesome...amateur mistakes jump right off the page at me. Simple things like: Tags describing the dialogue before the person speaks; using names too often, explaining things far more than needed (RUE = resist the urge to're readers aren't dummies.) I've since met the rule, action before reaction, and can you say PASSIVE voice? I had a wonderful editor who knew tons about western history, and she kept me honest, but she was a fairly new author at the time, and I doubt she knew much more than me. At least it appears to be the case. So, I've now tossed aside my WIPS and am working to tighten up WHLS. I already have someone interested in it, so that's a good thing.

Another good WIPS aren't gathering dust for no reason. I've discussed representation with someone who thinks my work is worthy of her time. I've sent her samples of the three main stories in progress, and I'm waiting for her opinion on which one should receive my undivided attention. Since I haven't actually signed a contract, I'm waiting before I share more. Don't get too excited, she isn't from a major house, but she has spirit that I admire and drive I used to have.

Of course, I have two blogs of my own, participate, or am supposed to participate on several others, and being signed with more than one house, I'm supposed to make appearances at the scheduled chats and promo days for each. Add in tweeting at twitter, Myspace, Facebook and all the other loops and sites to which I subscribe, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I moderate two loops and maintain the EP Myspace page. I used to consider myself organized, but becoming an author sort of took the wind out of those sails. I don't have stacks on my desk...everything is filed away. Now if I could just remember where. *rofl* Maybe senility won't be so bad.


Clare London said...

Ginger my love, you make me feel like I'm slacking *lol*. You're so busy - but I must say I'm excited to hear you might be teaming up with someone who will support your work and believe in it professionally. Exciting times, it's what you deserve! xx

Look after yourself, those whirling dervish dances are damned exhausting, you know...

Anita Davison said...

The very best of luck with the agent thingy - mine hasn't sold anything yet, but already I am having to adjust my thinking from writing what comes to me, to a wip styled on what publishers want - I'm having trouble summoning the passion for it.
But then I have to ask the question: Am I serious about this writing stuff - or not?

Ginger Simpson said...

Honestly, Clare...I'm not as prolific as I seem. Actually, it's become more of a chore than passion, so Anita...I totally get what you mean. Signing with more than one house doubles the amount of promotion and I can't find enough hours or energy in the day anymore. :(


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