Friday, June 5, 2009

Running Amok

Tonight, hubby took me out to dinner...a day late to celebrate the day we met 14 years ago. Judging from the full parking lots at every eating establishment around, you would never suspect we are experiencing an economic downturn. No matter how bad things get, people will eat. There are those who just shouldn't eat out for obvious reasons.

A new Mexican restaurant opened a week ago, and we got a coupon in the mail today. We decided to opt for a nice sit down dinner as opposed to our usual take-out. Maybe we shouldn't have made that decision. *smile* The place was fairly packed, and as luck would have it, we were seated next to a table where two mothers sat with their six children. All the young ones appeared to be under the age of eight, and since most of the conversation between mother and children was non-English, I couldn't determine which child belong to which mother. It didn't really matter because they ignored them all anyhow.

As I listened to the children yell and watched them hit one another, throw food on the floor, spill their drinks, do gymnastics on the chairs, and run through the restaurant, I wondered how the mothers remained oblivious to the chaos. Fifteen times, I heard one child say, "Mama," never to be answered. When three of the children disappeared under a neighboring table (empty), I thought for sure the mother's might notice, but they went on with their laughter and conversing as if they were there alone. My stomach was in knots. I wanted to hit someone!

I don't understand people who can't comprehend the concept of public places. How your children act at home is one thing, but how their actions affect others in public is another. I have the right to go into an eating establishment and not have to grind my teeth until my jaw hurts. I wasn't as angry with the children as I was with the mothers and their lack of respect for others. Do you think the owner of the restaurant has the right and should have said something to the offensive women? Clearly, we weren't the only agitated patrons.

Anyhow, the whole fiasco reminded of a wonderful sign I saw years ago at a hair salon I frequented. I think more business establishments should invest in the wise wording:

Some of our patrons come here to relax, enjoy the atmosphere and escape their own children. Please don't inflict yours on them!!!


Lillie Ammann said...


I think the owner or manager should have taken action. He was allowing two customers to potentially drive away dozens of other customers who may never return.

On a different subject, I have tried several times to leave a comment on your blog My Anonymous Self, and nothing happens when I click Post a Comment.

Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Personally, Ginger I wouldn't have put up with it. In my humble opinion the Manager would have to tell the Mothers to control their children. If not I would have walked out of the restaurant without paying for the indigestion his inaction caused.

Diane said...

Ginger, we had a similar experience in a restaurant. The manager even talked to the parents once, but the quiet lasted for a nano-second and went back to chaos.
I (miss big-mouth) made a cutting comment to the parents on my way out. I'm sure they ignored it like they ignored their noisy children.

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