Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Here!

Woo Hoo! Yesterday saw the release of my time-travel romance with an historical twist. Sisters in Time is now available. How convenient for me that this wonderful review appeared on my launch day atYou Gotta Read

If you'd like to see the video, visit Blazing Trailers and see what a great job Kim does in featuring books submitted there.

It won't be long before the book is offered in print at Can't wait to get my own copies. Love this story!


Two eras collide when a modern day attorney and a pioneer wife find themselves locked in a time not their own.

Mariah Cassidy awakens in the twentieth century. Confined in a pristine environment, hooked to tubes and beeping machines, she’s scared, confused and wondering why everyone keeps calling her Mrs. Morgan. Who is the strange man who keeps massaging her forehead and telling her everything is going to be alright?

Taylor Morgan tries to focus on her surroundings through a blinding headache. The patchwork quilt, the water basin, and the archaic room don’t strike a familiar chord. Her mouth gapes when a handsome man waltzes into the room, calls her darling, and expresses his delight that she’s on the road to recovery.


Lillie Ammann said...

Congratulations on the new release and the great trailer.

Diane said...

Ginger, great news! I loved that story when you had it on the HF group. But I never got to read the end.

Anita Davison said...


I'm thrilled you got this published, I remember reading some of it for you when you were doing revisions and it was great. I wish you lots of sales.

Kim Smith said...

Great news Ginger! Congrats!1

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