Thursday, July 2, 2009

My, Popcorn has gotten expensive

This has been a wonderful day. NOT! First, I promised my son I'd babysit today for my grandson. Usually, I do that on a routine basis, but his brothers are here visiting from California, and Spencer has been staying with them. The oldest one is almost 16.

So, I took a shower, got dressed and headed over to pick Spencer up. About halfway there I started feeling really hot. I turned up the A/C, but today the temp is only 82, so in a short time, the front of me was freezing, but the back part of me was burning up. I started worrying that my virus was having a flareup. I checked my icy cold from the vent, then I checked my pulse? Was I having a stroke or something? How can you be cold on one side and smoking hot on the other? It was then that a little voice in my head said, "Check the seat heater." Sure enough, when I stopped at the end of the drive to put a letter in the mailbox, my fat thigh must have brushed against the switch. Not my brightest moment, but certainly one of the hottest.

Once I remedied the problem, I decided it would be a nice thing if Spencer and I had a "playdate", so I surprised him with the idea of going to a movie...Ice Age. He seemed pleased, so off we headed. We arrived early, which is a bad habit I have...never like being late, so we sat in dark theater for thirty minutes, all alone. He kept asking where the other people where? Finally, some folks showed up and I felt better. I was about to go check to see if we had drifted into the wrong place.

The movie started, and I'd forgotten how loud the sound is. I wished I had taken earplugs. This should tell you how often I go to a theater. Less than halfway into the show, when the dinosaurs, show up and start roaring, the din became unbearable. Spencer climbed over into my lap, afraid and shaking. I covered him with the sweatshirt I always take in case the A/C is too high, and he calmed for a bit. A few minutes later, after more ear-shattering roars, he looked up at me and said, "I don't like this movie, Nee Nee."

So, we left. Twelve dollars for tickets and twelve dollars for popcorn and a soda. Only twenty-four dollars for 1/4 of a movie, two trips to the bathroom, and one dollar spent on a video game where Spencer couldn't reach the pedals. All in all, it was an expensive outing, and I'll never know how the movie ended!


Latesha said...

Poor Ginger. Sorry you had a rough afternoon. I'm sure the movie will be on DVD or TV before you know it. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Anita Davison said...

Aw Ginger - but what a great Nee Nee you are - I would have said 'Shuddap kid, for twenty five dollars were staying till the credits roll'

Anonymous said...

Funny read...enjoyed it very much...By the way...the other G. Simpson is always on time tooooo...

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