Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still Whining about Aging!

Okay, okay, I realize I've beat this topic to death...sort of like my whining about my inability to find a decent brassiere, but so far, the only plus I can find to growing older is NOT being dead.

I honestly think we should have a handbook so we know exactly what to expect. Life has become like an amusement park ride...remember the old "E" tickets from Disneyland years ago--the most frightening attractions. Or the box of chocolates that Forrest Gump commented on. I can stand a surprise or TWO, but what the heck?

This is how I feel when I look in the mirror now. My question? What happened to whatever it was that held up my skin for all those years. That old joke, I have more chins than a Chinese phone book, is suddenly ringing true. After I lost a lot of weight several years back, I developed what I jokingly called, marionette mouth, but now it's all become jowls. My lip line disappeared years ago, and now my lips are following suit. I can't wear lipstick because I don't know where to put it. *lol*

And what the heck is this all about? I absolutely refuse to wear anything sleeveless now. You can always identify me. I'm the person in a turtle neck and long sleeves during summer. It's not a style I expect will catch on anytime soon...especially with 95% humidity and 90 degree days.

I'm not asking for a "bathing suit" body, just one without excess skin that has assumed a life of its own.I don't want more muscle than my husband, I'd just like my knees to resume looking like knees and not another set of thighs.

The final I have to wear a bra so I can type. The first line of this blog started outwwwwwwwwwwwwwwffffffffffjjjjjjjjjj until I got dressed. very sad.

I think Woody Allen says it best!


unwriter said...

You have to grow old, you do not have to grow up. You're beautiful on the inside, remember that. If anyone says anything, just tell them their time is coming and you hope they look half as good as you at that age.

Anita Davison said...

Joining your whingefest Ginger, I sympathise, you aren't that far ahead of me and you are making me worry about tomorrow - Aaaargh.
The silver lining round your cloud is - at least you don't have swine flu!

Molly Daniels said...

I had an uncomfortable 'sr' moment at the fair this weekend: I can no longer vault myself into a scrambler seat! I had to wait till the attendant came around to boost me into the thing. My earlier attempts have given me scraped and bruised knees...

I've noticed the 'marionette mouth' creeping up on me too!

LOVED the Woody Allen take:)

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Woody's idea has merret. I've often thought about that myself. When you think about it, the backward order is much like the forward order. You start out as a dementia stricken geezer, and end up without a thought. Isn't that the same thing.

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