Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Day Is It?

I had a dental appointment yesterday, and I can honestly say, I remember nothing past sitting in the chair. Sedation dentistry is made for cowards like me. For years, I've made appointments, only to cancel them when my nerves got the best of me. I'm even driven to the parking lot, turned around and went home.

People can make fun of me all they want, but the symptoms are real and frightening. The smell inside the door sickens me the moment I walk in, and since I have claustrophobia, I can't stand anything over my mouth or nose, so that rules out Nitrous Oxide. God bless my dentist for being a participant in sedation dentistry. The only problem...I don't remember anything past 10:00 yesterday morning. I slept the whole day and night...don't even remember the ride home or getting into bed. All I know is that I woke up this morning, relaxed, happy that the appointment was over, and I have CLEAN teeth. was only a cleaning, but to me that's a major event...or was, before those wonderful little pills.

Trust me, I've tried and tried to deal with dentistry on my own. I realized I couldn't do it anymore when the dentist put one of those rubber dams in my mouth to prepare for a root canal and then left the room. I was already hyperventilating over simply being there, now I've got claustrophobia because the dam blocks my mouth and part of my nose. If you've ever had this contraption, you know you cannot close your mouth, and only the tooth to be worked on is exposed. Imagine how lovely I must have looked when I staggered out into the hallway looking for relief. can't talk or scream either. Pointing and grunting was the best I could do. Oh...and then there was the time I had impressions done...using the kind of forms that hook to the faucet so cold water can gel the gook in the trays...not my greatest moment. The dentist can't remove the trays until he turns off the water and breaks the seal...I almost pulled the pipes out of the wall because I couldn't breathe, plus I was gagging. So...I think you can understand why sedation works for me...and everyone concerned. *lol*

If you're like me and suffer from fear of the dentist, than I recommend you find one who understands cowardice. The folks in my dental office are the nicest and most understanding around. I even got a blanket to keep me warm. I love Dr. Glass and his staff.


Molly Daniels said...

I'm that way when it comes to the eye doctor. Massive eye phobia over here!

Maryann Miller said...

Glad you found a dentist who treats you with so much TLC. A warm blanket. How nice. :-)

Latesha said...

Ginger, glad you made it through the cleaning. Maybe next time you won't need the pills.

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