Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pot Roast and Carrots by Katie Hines

What the heck does pot roast and carrots have to do with writing? Well, a lot actually. Let's examine the typical pot roast: the roast itself, the seasonings, onions, carrots, potatoes, perhaps celery and other yummy veggies. At least that's the ingredients that go into my pot roast. On occasion, I make gravy, too.

Every story should have a pot roast in it. It should have a central plot, a theme, and several subplots. Depending on how long your story is depends on how large your pot roast will be.

Be sure and lavish lots of spices on the roast. You can sprinkle them on the story through rich conversations and humor. Like spices, adding some humor to your story will add that extra special ingredient of getting your reader to plug into you and your writing and want more.

Now comes the veggies. Now, we have all heard that veggies are good for you. They are, AND they're good for your story. How about taking your character development to the nth degree? Make them so diverse and special that your reader can't put your book down for wanting to find out more about your character.

Veggies also come in the form of plot twists and development. Every good story has a nice, diverse plot, taking your characters and story into places where "no one has gone before." And, don't forget to have your character change and grow in your story. That's really icing on the cake--oh, I didn't mention cake? Here it is, then, that final taste that has you leaning back in your chair and savoring the final moments of the book or story.

Go ahead, writers, now's your turn to cook some pot roast and carrots.


Donna M. McDine said...

What a terrific post. Did you really have to put it in the form of food? Now I'm hungry and I just finished breakfast not too long ago...LOL!

Best wishes,
Children’s Author
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Ginger Simpson said...

Thank you Katie for being my guest again. I always love your posts, and I really never equated writing with cooking. Trust me, I'm much better at my desk than I am in the kitchen. :) I need to equate my writing with something else...maybe camping or something I do well...sleeping? Shopping? Showering?

Chris Redding said...

Now I want to make pot roast.

Maryann Miller said...

Wonderful post, Katie.

orcalover said...

Good job and even better food for writing relationships. At least I can do the humor part.

Katie Hines said...

LOL guys. Glad you enjoyed the article. Now, go on out to the grocery store and buy some pot roasts!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

I'm ready for the roast now.

Great article, Katie.


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