Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday's Warning

I know, I know, I started another blog for things unrelated to my writing and life as an author, but I'd be terribly remiss if I pretended that the state of the nation doesn't have an impact on my thoughts and my ability to locate my hidden muse. I'd love to continue writing and enjoying my life, but it's hard to focus when changes are coming that will definitely impact me and my family.

Health care reform is a big topic, and just like congress, "we the people" are divided about what is true and what is not. Those without health care see this as a blessing, and truly, I believe everyone should have access to a doctor when they need it, but the proposed government run program is not the answer.

I'm tired of those "pro" Obama advocates appearing on news programs and talking down to us as if we are ignorant and can't see through the BS. Medicare is broke, Social Security is teetering on the edge, so why not overhaul those programs rather than steal $500 billion dollars from them to create another program? Why not just FIX what's in place and create access to medical care for those who don't have it? Like my sister pointed out...worrying about this has taken the focus off the failed stimulus bill and the promise of jobs.

I'm constantly assured that I can keep my current health care and doctor if Obama's reform takes place. I'm not so senile yet that I don't realize that my past employer will drop Blue Cross/Blue Shield in a hot minute and go for a plan that costs them "nothing." Then I can join the millions of senior citizens who'll be forced to meet...the wording isn't MAY, but SHALL, with some government authorized person to discuss how useful my remaining years are and what I possibly can receive in the way of health care. One official was angered at some people referring to this as a "death squad." It doesn't matter what it's called, the end result may follow the same guidelines as the Cash for Clunkers program. I may be deemed useless and not worth of further oxygen, and my family offered $45.00 to sell me out to avoid further draining the government resources.

That's right. If you're thirty-five, you probably are not looking at the big picture. Try imagining yourself at sixty-something and wonder how you'll feel having your private health issues discussed and decided without any control on your part. I want to have a say in how my life plays out, and being forced to meet with someone as soon as I'm sixty-five to discuss personal issues isn't part of the equation for me.

OH...and as far as forwarding emails to the White House...those pesky emails that dare disagree with anything the current administration presents. As per the assistant White House Press Secretary this morning on Fox news...after he skirted the issue ten times...those addresses are KEPT for years and eventually shared for whatever reasons needed. I'm sure I'm on a list somewhere, but all I'm asking people...READ the bill for yourself and decide. Don't let an elected official who has divvied it up to three or four aides to be read and interpreted for him/her make a decision that will ultimately impact your life.

There is far too much involved in this health care reform bill. If you have small children or are expecting, do you really want a government official visiting your home to give you parenting tips? How arrogant has our government become to believe they need to have a say in everything we do?

I encourage you to visit Atlas Shrugs where TWENTY important questions you need to ask your congressman are listed. I'm sure government officials will try to convince you that Pamela Geller (The Blog Owner) and Robert Tracinski (the contributor) are just part of the "angry Republican mobs" out to spread vicious lies, but don't just trust what you hear on network news or from our President's informed and stop this madness. What better way than to attend a town hall meeting and hear for yourself?

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Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Right on, Ginger...This so-called Health Bill is a disaster for all Americans, those with and those without Health Care. Whether people like to look at it this way or not, the care for babies and children up to age 14 and for adults after age 40 is tantamount to Genecide. President Obama’s White House Health Care policy adviser Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of Obama’s Chief of Staff and President Obama’s own personal protector in chief, Rahm Emanuel is part and parcel to this monstronsity.
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s Complete Lives System tells it all. After reading what he states in this, one can only compare him to Hitler's dreaded Dr. Mengele (sp).

As to the "Health" bill...If anyone is interested here is the link for the entire bill:

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