Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

My thanks to my good friend and fellow author, MaryAnn Miller for nominating my blog for his award... I think. Now I have to come up with names, information, and try to make it interesting so you don't start snoring.

The rules...and yes there are always rules that come with these honors...I must share with you SEVEN of my favorite things, SEVEN of my favorite activities, SEVEN things no one knows about me.

Seven of my favorite things: My grandson (I guess he isn't really a thing, but I like him most of all), Mexican food, potato chips, money, relaxing.

Seven of my favorite activities: spending time with Spencer (grandson), writing, reading, critiquing, editing.

Seven things no one knows about me: Yikes...I don't think there are seven things I haven't already shared. My life is an open book since I started blogging. Hey, you get desperate for things to talk about. Forgive me if I duplicate a few things here. But, here goes. Seven things...
I can't hear out of one ear because of the noise in my head.
My memory sucks.
Despite the lies people tell you about sex being great when you get older...I detest undressing in front of anyone, including my husband.
I once bowled 300.
I have a granddaughter I never see.
I absolutely abhor clutter, and here's a real shocker for you
I didn't vote for and don't support President Obama. If you did, bully for you. Isn't it great to enjoy freedom of choice while we still have it. :)

Okay, I hear you snoring out there. But now I have to think of seven people to bug... uh I mean honor with this award. It was nice being friends with them while it lasted. *lol*

Jen Black
Anita Davison
Anna K. Lanier
Chris Redding
Robert Appleton
Molly Daniels
Pamela Thibodeaux

Now I have to notify all these people, cringing while I admit I've put yet one more thing on their already full plates. Kidding aside, I picked these people because they are committed to providing you wonderful reads and entertaining blogs. I hope you'll visit their sites...that the purpose of this whole thing, after all.

Thanks again MaryAnn, I still love you. :)


Molly Daniels said...

Congrats Ginger:)

See my 'Seven Random Facts' last Friday:)

Anita Davison said...

Thanks Ginger for nominating me, [I think] Seven things no one knows about me eh? I don't think I'm going there.......

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