Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chains in the Attic

I'm always overjoyed when a reader wants to contribute to the blog. One of the fans from Books We Love, Susan Leech, contributed her ghost story, and I thank you Susan for wanting to join in the "Spooky Stuff Month." Here's her ghostly experience:

When I was a young girl we could be in bed and hear chains being dragged across the attic floor. Nothing ever showed up and we were never really scared by anyone or anything. We were told that our place was haunted and we often wondered about the whole deal but no one knew much about it. I often wondered if some relative was kept there because they were mentally ill as in those day family would hide members they feared were not able to be around others or else they were shamed of them.

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Paige Ryter said...

That sounds really scary! I'd have been terrified, hiding under my covers. This sounds like a job for Ghost Hunters. :)

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