Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ohhh, those Side Effects....

Possible Side Effects of Medication
By Donaya Haymond,Author of Halloween Romance and Bite Me from Eternal Press.

You can read more about Donaya's work on her website. Here's an example of her creative mind:

"Possible side effects of medication: numbness and itching."

I took the pills anyway because my migraines had reached such intensities that I could not stand up and had hallucinations. After I felt a sweet cessation of pain, I decided to celebrate, so I went to see that new horror/comedy movie, Slither.

It wasn't until the credits began to roll that I thought, "How can something make you numb and itchy at the same time?"

When the movie commenced, my face itched! It started as invisible caterpillars gyrating on my nose. I scratched it, raking my long fingernails through it.

Then the air conditioner broke, and the theater heated up. I peeled off layers of clothing until I sat in a tank top, sweating. The itch spread to my cheeks, chin, and forehead. So did the moisture.

I could barely take in the movie. While others screamed or laughed, I scratched. It felt positively bestial, making me grunt and moan, scrabbling at my skin.

My fingers and face grew wet and slippery with perspiration. The man sitting next to me let out a shriek.

"Yes, yes, I know, it's a well-crafted film," I snapped. "No need to go all high-pitched into my ear."

He swiftly exited the theater, quivering. Such people annoyed me, because I thought if someone was squeamish, they shouldn't come watch such movies in the first place.

Eventually, I couldn't bear the heat or irritation any longer. I stood and walked out to find a bathroom where I could splash on some cold water.

People in the aisles screamed too. Geez, wimps composed the whole audience! It wasn't even that scary a scene.

I went to the ladies' room and scrubbed my face with my eyes closed. Ahh, refreshing water. I opened my eyes...

The sink was full of red.

I looked up at the mirror.

I had scratched my face off.

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Maryannwrites said...

Cute story. Thanks. Glad I was not at the theatre. :-)

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