Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pentagram Dance

Tom Olbert shares the following excerpt and link to more if you dare read on: BWWAAAAHHHHAAA!

His knees turned to mush. The blood drained cold from his face as he screamed and ran for the door. “Todd!!” he called out frantically in a cracking voice, running from room to room. He found nothing but empty beds and the odd sign of a struggle. He clutched his head, blood pounding through his temples. He sobbed, hysterically. “Hold it together, dammit! ‘Got to think. Think.” He heard gravelly, slithering voices, clawed feet creaking up the stairs.

You can read the rest at Black Petals #45

Note from Ginger: I borrowed the art work from the link above. The artist is identified as Christopher Stine.

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