Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't Venture Into the Woods Alone

Multi, multi-published author Jane Toombs' website heading has more meaning than just the type of books she rights. Stroll along the wooded path in her story and see if you don't get a shiver or two:

At sixteen I was alone at a family cottage on the south shore of Lake Superior. Michigan's Upper Peninsula is, even today, a wilderness area, so there were many large trees around the cottage and between the road and the lake. As I often did I walked east along the beach searching for agates, all the way up to where the Mineral River flowed into the lake. Since this river was too wide and deep to wade across, I turned back, head down, still looking at the waterline for the translucent brown of an agate. I have
never been a fearful person, but suddenly I looked up at the woods, a shiver running along my back. There hadn't an unusual sound or anything to alert me. Nor did I see anything under the darkness of the big trees. But I KNEW something evil watched me. I ran as fast as I could back to the cottage and locked myself inside. Not then, or any time since did I believe it was a wild animal. At that time we did have bears and porcupines in the woods. (Wolves, coyotes and fishers came much later).

Something other than an animal watched me--I don't know what. That same year I came across a bear in our apple tree, and though scared, I didn't feel the sheer terror that came over me that day on the beach. I've never had the same feeling again--thank heaven.

Jane has authored more books than I can list here, so please visit her website and be as awed as I was at her achievements.

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Maryannwrites said...

That is creepy. There have been times I thought something was watching me in the woods around our house. Like you, Jane, I just went inside until the goosebumps went down.

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