Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Planning my Costume

My scheduled poster failed to show up so I'm filling in. Gads, I wasn't prepared, but I'm finding life is full of "spooky stuff" and most of it has nothing to do with Halloween.

I'm supposed to take my grandson trick or treating because his Dad will be out of town and his mom has two bum knees. Like my arthritic one isn't a obstacle, but anything for my Spencer. He's so excited.

I considered dressing up, but after looking in the mirror this morning, I think I'll just leave on my pajamas and robe, sleep in as late as possible, and let the blanket creases, lack of brassiere, and sleep-crinkled hair do the work. At least it's free, and despite squinting through my cataracts, I think it's quite frightful.

I'll wear my slippers...the ones I mistakenly bought in the men's section, and the very ones my sister refers to as my "limosines." And I suppose I could put on some lipstick...now that I have no lips at all, I've become the same women my grandmother was when the color drifted closer to her nose every day. Actually, I'm not a lipstick wearer...haven't ever been. When God sent me to the "lip" line, I got in "hip" line again. Needless to say, I think you get the picture.

Yep....growing old is a scary thing. I can type an entire paragraph with no hands if I don't wear a bra... I continually clean my glasses because everything looks dirty, but it's really just my eyes. I creak and groan when I bend my joints, and I suddenly have gas all the time. Yep...at least after October 31st, everyone else can take off their costumes. I'm stuck in mine. *lol*

I just tell myself that any day I spend on 'this' side of the grass, is a great one! After all, my favorite saying..."Life is an attitude, have a good one." But...some days I'm tested to the limits. *lol*


Anonymous said...

This is the best scary tale of them all....Loved it!

Anita Davison said...

I'm prepared to accept about 20% of that story at most, Ginger. I'm not that far behind you either - but I refuse to let you scare me, Halloween or no Halloween!

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