Friday, October 16, 2009

Smell that Smoke?

Reader and member, Brenda, from the Books We Love group shared this story on that loop and has graciously given permission for me to share it here. Prepare to shudder:

We have a ghost living in our home! I've seen the gray man at the top of the basement stairs, I turned and thought I saw someone standing there, then when I looked again he was gone. I heard my husband and his buddy talking, Tom had left his buddy downstairs in his room, Tom has a room downstairs filled with military stuff he's brought home, from all of the wars, and we think he brought someone with him. Anyway, the neighbor was sitting on the futon waiting for Tom to come back down stairs and the gray man walked into the room and then disappeared. Mark came hightailing it up the stairs and said he wasn't going to stay down there alone any more. I heard them talking and said, you are speaking about the gray man, right? I hadn't had a chance to tell my husband I had seen him. They just looked at me!

We've been in our family room and in one spot in the room, and not anywhere any windows we'll smell cigarette smoke! It's happened twice and we don't smoke, and our furniture is new. Tom yelled at the ghost and told him he could hang out with us and watch tv but he had to smoke outside because he was making his wife sick. It seems to have stopped. I was laying on the couch and could smell it by my face, and Tom couldn't smell it on the other side of the room, he got up and walked over to where I was and then could smell the cigarette smoke!

Wild, yes?

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