Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Movies

Wow…am I ever thankful this year for Christmas!!! Why, you ask? I have my first book released today with Red Rose Publishing. If you’re having problems finding a book for that romance reader on your list, here you go…problem solved.

In our family, we like to watch Christmas movies for the entire month before Christmas. I have some favorites—most of them really sappy—but also some scenes from other movies that aren’t specifically Christmas movies.

Here are a few of the ones we love to watch, year after year:

• ‘The Grinch’—the original cartoon
• ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’
• ‘The Christmas Card’ (the guy isn’t a good actor, but it’s cute and so is he)
• ‘Holiday in Handcuffs’ (yeah…Stockholm Syndrome is Christmasy?)
• ‘Polar Express’
• ‘A Christmas Story’ (you’ll put your eye out, kid)
• ‘The Santa Clause’ (the first one)
• ‘Better Off Dead’, (the scene where the mom gets all the family members TV dinners for Christmas and wraps them--hilarious)
• ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’

Do you have any others that you love to watch every year?

Merry Christmas!!

Paige Ryter
‘Three Minutes Before Christmas’ releases TODAY!!!


Unknown said...

Congratulations, my friend. Love the cover of your book, too.

How could you forget "It's a Wonderful Life?" Christmas isn't Christmas without watching that old classic.

Honestly, my favorite is "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas." An Jim Henson original and one me and my kids watched every Christmas Eve. I recently found it on DVD and sent it to my eldest son. Now I wish I'd kept it. *smile* It's the cutest movie and Emmet's mama is quite a songstress. :)

Maryannwrites said...

I'm with you, Ginger. Need to watch It's a Wonderful Life every year. Also look for some version of Scrooge, or A Christmas Carol, each season.

We're doing an adaptation of Scrooge at the art center in town, and it is amazing to me how timeless the story is.

Paige Ryter said...

You're both so right! How could I forget? And I LOVE the muppets!

Thank you, Ginger, and thank you for your kind comments!!

Here's wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas and holiday season.

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