Monday, December 14, 2009

Fa La La La La....

What can you get for a buck fifty that's guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit? Why, a copy of Virginia's Miracle, that's what. It's a delightful short story that I wrote for my mom as a Christmas present because I'd run out of ideas after 50 years or more. *lol*

On sale for Christmas at Eternal Press now. If you'd like a print copy, they're available, too.

Here's the blurb for you:

Virginia Collins fears her life is almost over. The one thing that still brings her joy is spending time with her young grandson, Davey. It's Christmas, and despite trying to view the holiday through a child's anxious eyes, Virginia still feels empty, alone and can't find her spirit. So many loved ones have passed, the yuletide is forever changed... until she receives a special Christmas Eve message.


Kim Smith said...

sounds like a great story, Ginger! Happy Holidays!

Maryann Miller said...

How exciting to have a story published that you first wrote for your mother. I had a similar experience with a story I wrote for my father, and nothing gave me a bigger thrill than to see his excitement when I told him the story was published.

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