Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sexy Men and a Little Christmas Magic

I really enjoyed this morning. The first thing upon waking, a sexy and very naked husband brought me a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. I can't say for certain his nakedness had anything to do with how good that coffee tasted but it was the best I've had in a long time. Perhaps the cold morning air conjuring goosebumps on his chest and arms added to it. I had to touch!

But wait...that's not all. A little bit later, I rose from the bed, dressed and headed into the living room. This is what I saw : the very same naked and sexy man standing in the center of the room cuddling our new kitten. What woman could resist such a display of masculinity and his soft side at the same time? See? You said, "Awww..." just like I did. Didn't you? What a way to start the weekend!

This time of year has a special bit of magic for me. Maybe I'm more open to the expectation of love and friendship. I'm not much of a winter person so cuddling in front of the fireplace or Christmas Tree is my idea of a wonderful evening. I get snuggly and hug a lot. I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't mind much.

Speaking of Christmas Magic, let me tell you about my holiday erotica, Paper Chains. It has bits of magic. Not just the kind I mentioned above but a touch of 'real' magic where the paper chains on the Christmas Tree turn into real chains for a wonderful night of bondage for Evelyn and Cole.

I really enjoyed writing it. Shhh...don't tell anyone but a certain man I know enjoyed me reading it to him. He would never admit it though. Aren't guys funny that way?

I hope you'll buy a copy of Paper Chains for yourself. It's a short story so you can get it without breaking the bank and can read it on the sly if you want to. The cover is pretty nice to look at as well.

Oh, time for me to go. My man just asked me if I want anything for lunch. Of course I do! Evil Grin. Have a very sexy Christmas everyone!

Sharie Silva


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun both at your house and in your story.

I love Christmas time as well! Spending time with my kiddos and husband always make it so much better. This is also the time of year hubby and get the most "dating" in. We consider every shopping trip a date and make sure to include either a sit down dinner or lunch with our trip and sometimes we sneak in a movie!

Mary Corrales said...

You're so right, no woman could resist a naked man cuddling a kitten.

Good luck with your new release, as I'm sure it'll be a huge hit!

I'm definitely interested.

Tabitha Shay said...

Sounds like some interesting things go on at your house...and what female could resist a naked man cuddling a of luck with your book...Tabs.

Sharie Silva said...

Hi and thanks for the comments. It's nice to know someone reads my silliness from time to time. I also forgot to thank Ginger for hosting me. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Anita Davison said...

I know how you hate cameras, Ginger, but you both look lovely. Settled, content, and well-permanent What's so great about being 25 and full of insecurities anyway? - Today you know who you are and there's something wonderful about that.
I wish you both a wonderful Christmas and a great writing 2010

J said...

Here's to naked men and coffee in the morning! I'd make a crack about how in the morning it might be easier for him to also bring you a towel even if both hands were full, but I'll restrain myself. heh.

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