Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If You Could Make Someone's Dream Come True...What Would It Be?

That's an easy question for me. My hubby has sacrificed so much for us. When I met him, he had a beautiful 1956 Mercury that he had restored himself. There's so much pride in doing the work and being able to say you didn't have to pay someone to create a thing of beauty. Because of his child support obligation and the fact that his ex-wife left him with a house with no equity, he had to donate his Merv to a charitable organization so we could have a tax write-off. He didn't let on how crushed he was, but I knew if he wasn't a man, he would have sobbed.

Later, he found a deal on a old Plymouth. He brought it home, rebuilt it, and made it another thing of beauty. But, in his heart, he always wanted a pre-49 car. This was another 1956, but with the beautiful Jalapeno green paint job, beautiful flames, and a killer sound system, I was proud as punch.

But, then one day, he went to a swap meet and came home with that pre-49 he'd always dreamed of. I was shocked that he traded our beautiful Plymouth for an old Pontiac that was plain and boring. I've never been able to visualize like he has. I see junk...he's sees beauty. Guess that's why he married me. *lol*

Anyhow, he transformed that car into the likes I'd never seen. He painted a ghost image of Marilyn Monroe on the trunk, and put ghost flames on the sides and hood. The car sizzled with his little trademark additions, and I was elated to see him happy again.

But, somewhere along the line, the bottom fell out of our finances and we had to return to California. Kelly sold his dream car so we could make the trip. He doesn't complain, but I know in his heart he wants another custom car. If I had the money, I'd make his dream come true. Damn, Jay Leno owns a ton...you think he could spare one...the cheapskate. *lol*

Maybe someday I can put the sparkle back in Kelly's eyes. Anyone got an old car they want to get rid of? Somewhere between Free and a dollar is about what I can afford. *big grin*

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