Monday, January 4, 2010

A Private Matter by Kathleen O'Connor


Mitch Gallagher is obsessed with finding the killer of David Forjane. The young detective believes the murder’s proximity to the victim’s workplace is the key clue. Tess McConnell, a new hire, at the same corporation complicates the detective’s job though.

Unaware Gallagher is a recent widower, she comes on too strong and then feels terribly rejected when the grieving detective doesn’t respond. To get even, she ignores Gallagher and initiates some amateur sleuthing of her own. The detective suffers during this ‘cold shoulder’ treatment and eventually discovers he is more ready for a relationship than he realized. And it will take the efforts of both these characters to solve a murder where the killer left no clues.


David Forjane threw his briefcase in the back seat of his new red Saturn. It was a sporty enough car, but did not quite make the statement he desired. He was two years away from the blue BMW. Life was always a waiting game.

He peeled out of the garage anxious to get a mile away from the concrete fortress that was the Rayex Chemical Company. Something about the building affected radio reception, and he was now ready to hear the silky-voiced Samantha of WKAC. Always his companion for the commute home, she spun records for the heartsick and lovesick. He enjoyed their dim patter. Yesterday he heard his girlfriend call in and request a tune for David; a song called Gone. He could not quite believe it. It was his Peggy, of the repetitive conversation and robotic sex, doing something interesting and original. When Marta Johns serenaded him with, I’m beginning to see you’re growing bored with me, David answered, “Oh Peggy, I’ve been bored with you for a long time.”

He looked into the rear view mirror and was surprised to see the departmental loaner car barreling up behind. He thought he recognized the driver, but not the passenger. The twosome was going like hell and about to pass on the left. David reached down to turn on the radio.

A single bullet slammed through his brain before his hand reached the dial.

BIOGRAPHY: Kathleen O’Connor is a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and recipient of a James Michener Fellowship. She is the author of four novels and her short stories and articles have appeared in Good Housekeeping, Liguorian, St. Anthony Messenger, Redbook, Seventeen and Woman’s World.



Kathleen said...

Good Morning Ginger and thank you for inviting me. I hope to be able to give away a couple Whiskey Creek e-books today to commenters.

margaret blake said...

Hi Kathy, Loved the excerpt, sounds so very exciting.

Kathleen said...

Thanks Margaret and thank you for stopping by.

Sharon Donovan said...

Good morning Ginger and Kathleen. And might I wish you both the top of the New Year! Kathleen, I am in the midst of reading this page turner and cannot recommend it enough! I love it and so looking forward to getting back to it. Well done, my friend. Hope your Christmas was a good one and here's hoping all your wishes come true in 2010!

Kathleen said...

Thank you Sharon. So nice of you to stop by.

Maryann Miller said...

What a great hook in that excerpt.Definitely made me want to read more. I will go back to your Web site and check out all your books.

Kathleen said...

Thanks Maryann. Glad you liked the excerpt.

Paula Martin said...

What an intriguing excerpt, Kathleen. Definitely makes me want to read more!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Kathleen,
Great excerpt. Pulls you right into the story - bullet slamming into his head, I like it.
Best of luck.

Kathleen said...

Thanks Paula and Margaret!

Julie Robinson said...

Wow! What a stunning excerpt. It ends so calmly dramatic in its abrupt ending, leaving me with lots of questions. I want to know more!!

Kathleen said...

The winner is Maryann. Thanks everyone.

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