Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Poll

The Preditor and Editor site is well-known among e-authors, for their helpful information about publishers, agents, contests, etc. Every year they host a competition where readers and authors alike can nominate themselves or their favorite books, publishers, artists, ezines, poems, short stories, and more. The excitement sparks strings of posts begging for votes. Everyone wants to vote for their friends, but if you have more than a handful, it's hard to pick who to favor. And, you can only vote once in each category. I have at least ten friends that I feel are worthy under romance novel. So how do I choose?

I cannot tell you how many times I've read this line: "I can't believe it. Someone nominated *insert title here* on the P&E poll. I'd appreciate your vote."

Well of course, the first thing I think nominated yourself but you're too ashamed to admit it. I understand the need to see your own work on the lists, and in years past, I've been among those begging for votes...even asking my sister to have all the employees who work for her to cast their votes for me. You know what...I never even finished in the top ten.

This year, I didn't bother. I didn't send out any notations that three of my books are nominated, and I entered my own name in the author category. I didn't ask a single person to vote because I want to see how I fare on my own. I checked the results and I'm hanging at the bottom for author (my nomination), and my books are somewhere mid category. At this point, the contest becomes more about who has the most friends and least in my opinion. Is there pride in winning something you have to beg for? You bet! I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to display the winning logo on my website. It's about prestige.

SoI'm not downing those who still get excited. Every year, there's a new crop of authors and hoards of new names, but after so many years of pleading for votes, I've given up and I'm going to "let the cards fall where they may." I have a feeling, I'll be sliding off the charts real soon. *lol*

Best of luck to those of you still hanging in the top ten. I wouldn't mind too much saying I was a contender in the P&E poll. People are still very impressed by it. That's a good thing.


Maryann Miller said...

LOL, Ginger, I gave up on the P&E poll a long time ago as it didn't seem to impress some of the big publishers or producers I contact. It is gaining some mo-jo in the business, but not making significant strides yet.

I did go vote for an author and a publisher. Not saying which ones as I don't want others to be disappointed they didn't get another vote. And I did add myself to the e-zine editors list. Did it just to see if more than one person votes for me. LOL

Lily said...

You know, it's true. There things ARE a popularity contest. Even more pretigous awards are like that, based on sales and popularity rather than merit. It seems to be just the way it is. With awards based on votes, how else are you suppose to judge?

Last month, I won first place in a Christmas story competition for a zine. The contest was purely based on content and nothing but. It was rather nice and I'm quite humbled. But if I had won based on votes from all my friends, for me, it would cheapen it a bit.

I'd much reather be known for merit than popularity. But... that might be just me ;)

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