Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome, Rachel Brimble

This is my very first offering as a guest blogger so I thank Ginger from the bottom of my heart for taking a risk with me! Now, let’s see if I can draw you to the edge of your seats in anticipation of wanting to read my latest novel…
I am already an author of two romantic suspense novels, but it is my latest release I am here to talk about today. The Sharp Points of a Triangle is a sexy, romantic comedy and my first release with Eternal Press. Inspired by a newspaper article about about past lovers reunited, the book was my favorite to write so far. Hannah Boyd and Jamie Young leapt from the page and became the funniest, smartest, sexiest couple I have created to date.

Let me tell you a little about the book and then I’ll post an excerpt.

Hannah is flying high – newly appointed as the youngest female financial adviser in the UK, she is more than ready to accept her boss’ challenge of securing one of the wealthiest men in the country as a client. They embark on a four day Medieval themed conference where the client is attending and Hannah begins her seduction…but then her worst nightmare comes true when her biggest rival turns out to be the ex who broke her heart six years before - Jamie. An ex who will do whatever it takes to prove how much he still loves her and get her back by his side where she belongs…


I look down at my fingers lingering above the waist band of his jeans. Have I lost my mind? I whip my arm back so quickly I hear a crick in my shoulder.

“Sorry, sorry, I don’t know...”

But then his lips are pressing down hard against mine. I feel his arm come round and support my back which I am bloody grateful for, because although swooning women are a thing of the past, I’m not sure my legs will hold me. He pushes his tongue tentatively into my mouth and I lift mine to meet his, his lips linger somewhere between soft and firm, and for a long moment my mind is whirling. There is a red hot stirring between my legs and I kiss him back with everything I’ve got.

I lift my hands to his face and pull him closer. A gasp escapes my lips when he gently nudges my feet apart and presses a thigh firmly between my legs. He begins to tug at the hem of my dress and with our lips still connected, I lift my arms. The silky material glides up my back and our mouths separate for a brief moment as he lifts it over my head, before joining once more.


He breathes my name into my mouth and I feel a solitary tear slide slowly down my cheek. This is all so wrong, but I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. Eventually, I have to pull away for fear of drowning.

“Let’s swim.”

We quickly discard the remainder of our clothes and sprint towards the water. I cannot believe what I’m doing, and I’m secretly hoping the moonlight isn’t bouncing too savagely off my lily white ass. My breath catches as I leap head first into the waves and when I re-surface, Jamie snatches me close.

I can feel the length of his erection pressing up against my belly. I smile as I reach up to push the hair from his eyes. “Now that’s just showing off,” I say.

“What is?” he murmurs, his eyes lingering over my breasts as they bob above the water.

“There aren’t many men who could dive into cold water like this and maintain an erection of that size.”

He raises an eyebrow. “That size, huh? The lady is impressed.”

I reach my arms around his neck. “Nah, not really.”

He throws his head back and laughs. The sound penetrates my skin and fills my heart. And I know in that moment, I want to hear him laugh forever. I look into his eyes and purposefully, push the notion of regret to the back of my mind. I lean closer and his smile slowly dissolves as my lips find his. I taste salt, feel heat and hear my own blood rushing through my veins as he lifts me. My legs easily encircle his waist. The world drifts farther and farther away from us. It’s Jamie and I, alone, happy, re-discovering each other…

“Hey you, Mr. and Mrs. Naked Lovers! Yoo-hoo!”

We break apart and turn to the shore. I slap one hand over each tit.
“Oh, good God. Nooooooo!”

But it’s too late. The three teenagers have taken our clothes and they’re running, screaming and laughing up the beach like the little shits they are. I turn to Jamie who is staring at them as though hypnotized.

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Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Rachel,
How funny...I would always have that fear of someone stealing my clothes if I skinny dipped. Best of luck with your new release...Tabs

Cate Masters said...

Fun post, Rachel! Best of luck with your release.

Latesha said...

Great post, Rachel. I could just visualize the horror on her face. Looks like you have a winner here.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Rachel,
Great excerpt, but what awful timing those teenagers had.

Diane Scott Lewis said...

Great excerpt, funny and sexy.
Good luck with your sales.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Rachel,

Welcome to the wonderful world of guest blogging! I'm warning you, it's addictive.

I really enjoyed the free and easy style of your excerpt. I wish you lots of luck with the book!


kanishk said...

if I skinny dipped. Best of luck with your new release..

Work from home India

Rachel Brimble said...

Huge apologies, everyone! I could've sworn I left a big thank you last week - mmm, it's in cyber heaven somewhere, no doubt!!

Thank you so much for your kind comments and good wishes - I love this book and hope you all will too!



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