Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome, Arianna Skye

There’s a saying “Action speaks louder than words.” However, sometimes you just need to hear it too.

In my recently released fantasy erotic romance, Wings of Desire, my faerie hero Cerne has a big issue. He cannot say those three magic words. The heroine, who has the ability to tap into his mind knows how he feels and it frustrates her that he won’t say the words.

Despite his lack of ability to utter those words that cause most women’s hearts to melt, Cerne stands by his woman. He defends her. He—well, it is an erotic romance, so I’ll let your imaginations take over. Cerne tries to deny this love. First to himself, then to his friends. In a way, I think loving Rhiannon makes him feel insecure. Rhiannon wasn’t raised in Fey, the land of faeries. She was raised by humans. His fear is that she will choose Earth over Fey once the evil Dark Faerie Queen is defeated.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the book and I thought I would share it with you all during this month of love:

The dragon riders had regrouped. Steam rolled from their noses while the fires in the pits of their stomachs stirred.

“Shields!” Cerne bellowed over the shouts of the soldiers.

Amidst the flurry of shields being raised, Rhiannon stood there in stoic silence, her shield remaining at her side.

“Are you mad?” Cerne growled through his teeth.

“No.” She turned to face him, her chin firm and high. “I’d be mad to hide and let these people die for me. I’m no coward.”

“I never said you were. Raise your shield, mo cridhe.” Cerne gave her the most pleading gaze he could muster. “Please?”

Rhiannon lifted her visor, her gaze stony. “I realize you worry about me, but I know what I must do. I have to defeat Lilith, and I can’t do it by hiding.”

She lifted the helmet from her head and threw it to the ground. “I need your support, and I want you to understand. Look around you, for the deities’ sakes. Look at all the chaos and darkness Lilith has brought to your kingdom—to my kingdom.” She pointed at the flailing swords and the flying bodies as clubs and staffs slammed into each other. “Do you want this life for our children? I know I don’t.”

Cerne’s heart leapt from his chest. Children? She wanted his children? He couldn’t even say he loved her and she still wanted to create life with him? How could he have been so foolish not to completely trust her?

“Mo cridhe.”

Rhiannon bit her lip. “Yes?”

“You understand what that translates to, right?” He placed his hand over his heart. “You are in here—always.” He hoped those words would be enough to see her through.
A small smile curved her lips. “Thank you, Cerne.”

As if part of the giant weight had been lifted off his chest, he sighed. “If you do this, I have no choice but follow you, as well.”

He yanked the helmet off and shook out his hair, happy to be relieved of the stifling confines “I live to protect you, my princess.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Rhiannon nibbled her lip and Cerne’s heart skipped a beat. He knew that habit well. She was worried. Was she concerned for his safety?

“As sure as the fact that a man shouldn’t hide either. I, too, am no coward. I’ll fight for you. I offer my protection.”

So even though he can’t say those words, he offers Rhiannon a compromise. It works for the time being. Have no fear though, Cerne will certainly find the courage to say those three words. “I love you!”

If you’re interested in reading more, you can purchase the eBook at Eternal Press, or at Amazon.

Peace and love everyone!


Morgan Mandel said...

Those three words are hard to say and better not said unless the person really means it. Sounds like he does!

Morgan Mandel

Caroline Clemmons said...

Those three words must be harder for men than women. Fortunately, my hubby has no trouble saying them. My dad did, though he showed his love. He didn't actually tell me he loved me until he knew he was dying. What is it with men that makes it so hard to say?

sterlingwriter said...

It's better to not say the words than have them spoken with insincerity.

Cate Masters said...

Congrats on your release, Arianna!

Tanya Hanson said...

Great post, Arianna. I love the excerpt. My last words with my dad were I love you. He died in a car accident three hours later. I know, not the same kind of love, but I am so glad we said those three words to each other!

Best wishes on the book!

Mary McCall said...


Three words are worth a thousand pictures sometimes.

I so loved this book! Best of luck with sales and future projects!

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