Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome, Cricket Sawyer

Thank you Ginger for letting me to share your blog for a day. Following the “Tennessee Blizzard” may be a hard act to follow, but exactly what your reader’s need, a little heat to go with all that snow.

I’ve been writing for quite a while, but first published in 2001. Once I got started it was like the flood gates opened. I write everything from poetry, to young adult, mystery, suspense and my favorite fun romantic suspense with a little sizzle and a lot of sass.

It seems readers always ask, where do your ideas come from? I usually answer, everywhere. And it is true. The gurus offer sage advice; to write what you know- I add, write what you want to know more about. When it comes to romantic suspense my imagination is king, or should I say queen. Who doesn’t love a good romance, but if you add some suspense to the already electrified scene your reader gets increased tension and more than just a romance for romance sake, and they are great fun to write. That said, I have a question for you….

What is your favorite Valentine meal? Have you ever thought of, perhaps spaghetti? The sensual aspects of spaghetti sauce make it a perfect choice. If you’ve never thought of spaghetti as romantic, you need to read VALENTINE EXPRESS a new release from Red Rose Publishing and Cricket Sawyer. You will never be able to watch the simmering red sauce erupting like tiny orgasms without thinking of Carrie and Jerome. At the end of the book you will find a cookbook to help you explore the magic of a good sauce.

Maybe your own youth has some hidden desires you have let lie dormant, something that a certain food conjures up memories of for that time, that place. Sensuous memories are what Valentine Express is all about. Railroad trains and the sexy moan of train whistles, spaghetti menus with sensual saucy memories, balloons red, white and passionate pink, soft reminders of the explorations of youth– a celebration of love and life.

Cricket Sawyer

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Valentine Express
(Romance and cookbook)

ISBN 978-1-60435-652-6

Book Blurb:

Warmed by a cloud of steam and enticed by fragrances of the past mingling with the present, Carrie finds herself drowning in a sea of erotic nostalgia. Remembering each pair of excited hands caressing her skin, teasing her into waves of pleasure, she revisits the sensuality of her youth.

But no matter how ardent the memories, nothing will give her greater pleasures than the ecstasy yet to come.

It seemed spaghetti held all the images and ingredients of every sensual or sexual moment of her past.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Spaghetti as aphrodisiac!

I like the concept, Cricket!


Ginger Simpson said...

I don't think I'll ever view spaghetti in the same light again. Great post, Cricket, and thanks for being my guest.

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