Friday, February 5, 2010

Fetish in Romance

Hello everyone!

I am Dana Littlejohn. I write sensual erotic romance. It has been a while since it was my turn to blog somewhere and I never have a clue what to write about. Today I chose to write about Fetish in Romance. I mean, honestly, how many fetishes are out there that turn us on or off? Well, I decided to explore that a bit. Now, I’m not going to get into who likes what or what I personally like (never that!) I’m just going to tell you what I have learned.
I decided to direct my questioning to men have because, well, I like men and the more I can learn about them the better my characters get. (*shrugs* that’s my line of thinking anyway) When I started to look into fetishes I asked around and found that people can have a fetish about anything! Shoes, stockings, nails, hair, body parts from the top of your head to the soles of your feet! So I wondered how does one ‘get’ a fetish? I found some of the answers made me go ‘hmm, okay, I can see that’ and some made me go, ‘oookaaay, I’ll give that a nine on my strange-o-meter’.

I learned this about how one ‘gets’ a fetish. Young boys coming into their sexuality find themselves in compromising positions with different objects as they peek in on the women they are transfixed on at the time. When they reach the goal they were trying to achieve (work with me here, I’m trying to keep this clean and politically correct.) said object becomes synonymous to that good feeling. If the behavior continues with the object near so does the connection. Over time the object in question makes you horny (can I say that?) because it reminds you of the good feeling. Badabing, you’ve got yourself a fetish! Ta da!

Let me take a second to share the examples that stood out to me the most. One guy told me with such lust in his voice and eyes about how he absolutely loved high heels on his women. When he was young he hid in the closet when his sister’s friend spent the night. His, umm, appendage, (that’s a good word) was pressed against the shoes the friend had worn to a party as he, well, pleasured himself. He could feel the shoe, but didn’t want to draw attention to himself by moving around so he left it. As an adult he prefers his women to wear shoes in bed with him because it takes him back to those good feelings.

Another guy said the very first time he was with a woman as he, uhh, reached climax, he could feel her nails raking down his back so hard he could feel blood as he lay on her catching his breath. Yet, even though it was painful, it felt good to him and he is turned on by women with long nails.

You may find these to be a little weird or freaky or maybe sensual. I don’t know. This is not psych 101 by the hands of Dana Littlejohn, by no means. This is just to bring to your attention to what I have learned. Men bring fetishes into their romances and, if we allow them, they will bring that same passion and lust that I heard in their voices when they spoke of their fetishes, into bed. Anything that can make men more passionate and lustful toward us in bed can’t be all bad!

With all that I learned, I came up with Happy Feet. It is a short romance about a man with a foot fetish. Stop by and pick it up at Phaze! Until next time…Dana has left the building!

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Author Mary C said...

Great blog, Dana. I also find that men enjoy seeing women in boots, the spikier the heel the better.

Men are such fun!

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