Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love Extends Beyond...

A sister author and friend, Maryann Miller, presented me with this "Circle of Friends" award, and although there's no money attached to the honor, it still has significant meaning.

In this month of honoring love, I'd like to remind you that the emotion extends beyond Valentines and family. As someone who once had tons of 'skin and bone' friends, I've recently discovered that all of mine live in a 'virtual' world. The fact that I've never met them face-to-face, or wouldn't recognize them if we passed on the street has no bearing on how much my cyber-friends mean to me.

Recently, I was without my computer for almost two weeks. Doesn't sound like a major issue, but I can't believe how lonely I got and how much I missed my daily interactions with people like Maryann and other friends with whom I chat frequently. These people have been my support group, my cheerleaders, my inspiration, advisers, and confidantes. So, I'm happy to be in Maryann's circle of friends. It's quite an esteemed place to be.

AND...I don't even have to bore you with seven to ten little known facts about me....and I'm glad. I think I've spilled my guts about everything there is to know. Even some you shouldn't. *smile*

I do have to nominate five blogging friends, and that's hard because there are so many I would like to mention, but, like Maryann, I'll pick those most likely to find time to recognize a few friends of their own.

Phyllis Campbell
Anita Davison
Anna Kathryn Lanier
Chris Redding
Tabitha Shay


Phyllis Campbell said...

Ohhhh! (wiping tears) Thanks, Ginger. You know I've always loved you like a sister (in my family, that's a good thing). You are a great friend and I look forward to your emails because they make me laugh, which is something I don't do enough of lately. Thanks girlfriend!


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Ginger,
What a touching idea, you certainly deserve it.

Maryann Miller said...

Cyber friends sure are great, Ginger. I have met so many wonderful people online and you are right that we can be as close as friends who meet in the real world. You have been a good friend and supporter to so many, I am glad to be in their company.

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