Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome, Angela Kay Austin

As a young child, I watched my father go off to work every day with his lunch in hand. And, return every evening covered in asphalt and dirt. Exhausted, he’d bathe and fall asleep before you could blink. Sounds like something out of the 1800s, but no, this was the 1970s. My father, to me, was a big man. And, at 6’1” and about 200 pounds, he wasn’t a small man by any means.

My mother was his opposite. She was a petite 5’5”. She attends church every day, and my father well, he attends on special occasions. I can’t think of the last time my mother uttered a negative word or a curse word, and my father might just burn your ears off.

The love my parents have shared over the last 40 years has inspired me. As a single woman, and as a writer.

My stories involve interracial couples, different educational backgrounds, different religions, and different economic backgrounds, but at the core of every story I really just want to have an unyielding, undying love, like my parents share.
I guess that’s why I write the men that I write. I don’t like annoyingly arrogant men that don’t learn and grow from the things they’ve experienced. And, I don’t like incredibly feminine men that act more like your best girlfriend.

The policemen’s motto: To serve and protect, describes my men perfectly. And, of course, my women will do the same. The love journey between two characters (two people) is always placated with many twists and turns, and only if those characters’ traits support the other’s weaknesses will the relationships be able to withstand what’s thrown at them.

In my book, Love’s Chance, I introduce readers to Chance O’Malley and Sinclair Mosley. Chance is definitely Alpha male, but his attention to Sinclair’s needs throughout the book made me love him even more after the book was finished. He’s been hurt, not by love, but by life, and really lives life as he pleases. Sinclair much more quietly. She focuses on everyone and everything, but herself. Where he’s adventurous, she’s not. He’s a loner, she’s not. He’s rash, she not.

What kind of relationships do you like to read or write about? What types of relationships hold your attention when on the pages of a book?

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Angela Kay Austin said...

Ginger, thank you for inviting me into your corner of the world today. I hope that your readers will find something interesting in my post.

Ginger Simpson said...

You're welcome Angela, and I'm happy you came to visit. I found your post very interesting. I always like a personal glimpse into my guests life.

As for characters...I prefer those I can identify with. I'm always skeptical about a hero and heroine who have absolutely no imperfections. Age touches everyone, and even if you're perfect now...just wait until tomorrow. *lol*

Thanks again for being my guest.

Paige Ryter said...

Oh, Angela, you're SO RIGHT! I hate reading about arrogant men, even though the 'formula' is to have the man turn from a jerk to a nice guy by the end of the they would in real life. I couldn't agree more!!! I haven't been reading many blogs at all, because I've been writing, but I think your story sounds FANTASTIC! And cops...WAY hot!!!

Thank you for being the guest blogger! May your sales be many and your reviews be golden!!!

roseanne dowell said...

It's great to see people married for so long, especially in this day and age. Your parents sound like great people. Your book sounds great too. I especially like the sound of your hero. I'll have to check it out.

Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl said...

Don't be sad, Ginger. I'm here to visit. Nice to see your smiling face, Angela. The face behind the name.

Your book cover is awesome by the way. Loved the blog. Take care
Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl

Jannine said...

Hi Angela:
Isn't it wonderful to have parents who stay together through thick and thin? Mine were like that, too. It does have a positive impact on one's life.

I'll never forget when my daughters were in high school (they're in their 30s now), they'd tell me that they were the only ones among their friends who didn't have divorced parents. The times are so different now. It's sad.

Sally_Odgers said...

Opposites Attract might be your characters' motto. I like your philosophy on writing, and I think it interesting that you have a formula that is so open and broad. Your characters come from different...( insert noun of choice) and you go on from there. Brava!

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, Angela, great post. I think most writers draw on their own lives. It's so nice that you have such a good example to draw from. One of my favorite writers wrote a book where the guy was just a jerk. I really didn't like the way he treated the heorine. But, when I re-read the book later, I realized he was acting the way he was because in his mind, the marriage was only temporary (but, uh, excuse, you can't marry a Queen and expect a divorce) and he was trying to protect his heart.

Still overly jerkish men turn me off. I definitely write Beta men. My attempts at Alpha turn out badly.

Sounds like a great story. Happy aales.

Tony-Paul said...

Angela, this blog is as entertaining as the one you did for me. I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Paige Ryter said...

I agree, Anna...I like writing beta males, too. They're caring and not nearly as macho as alphas.

And Angela, congratulations to your parents for their long married life! That's fantastic!!!

Maryann Miller said...

So nice to have parents with that kind of relationship to inspire you. I think we all use bits and pieces of real people and real relationships to create characters.

Katie Hines said...

Angela, it sounds like you have great role models for your book. Best of luck to you.

Anita Davison said...

What a lovely premise for you to write your books, Angela. Your father sounds like a fabulous role model, I hope he didn't spoil you for other men. I will keep a look out for your books as they sound lovely - and I'm a sucker for a true love story

Margaret Tanner said...

H Angela,
Lovely to catch up with you on Ginger's blog. Your parents sounds like wonderful loving people, the long levity of their marriage attests to that.
Best of luck with your novel.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Angela,

What a wonderful inspiration for your work! Personally, I enjoy reading about characters who are real--who have flaws and insecurities--and relationships where maybe the protagonists have to put in some effort to make it work. Because that's the way love is in real life--and that makes it all the more worthwhile!


Angela Kay Austin said...

Paige, firemen, police officer, military men can you say Alpha male, but something about them all is incredibly SEXY!

Angela Kay Austin said...

Thanks Roseanne. My parents inspired me more than I realized. The parents in Love's Chance I modeled after them. Some of my critique partners fell in love with them, and wanted to know more. So, who knows.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Hey, Franny, I'm glad you popped in.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Jannine, I agree. It's extremely sad that today relationships seem more like kleenex. People don't seem to have much of a problem just throwing them away, and reaching for the next one.

I hope one day to have what they have.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Thank you, Sally. I don't know why as writers we have to limit ourselves. I had an experience with limitations with one of the first critique groups I was a part of. (I posted a blog about it.) It was absolutely horrible. Limitations and expected boundaries seemed to be all that anybody thought about.

As writers shouldn't we explore everything and anything that our minds can think of?

Angela Kay Austin said...

Thanks Anna. I don't know if I could write a true Alpha male. I like a little Beta thrown in. It creates the kind of man that, for me, has everything.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Hi, Tony, I'm glad you stopped by, and thanks again for inviting me to your speak to your readers, too.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Paige, thanks. My Mom would completely blush if she read this, so shhhh, don't tell her ;-)

Angela Kay Austin said...

Maryann, I think that no matter what type of creative person you might be, you use the world around you to shape your ideas. Even in SciFi and Paranormal writings there's some foothole in everyday life...even if it's just to find an escape through a London train station into a whole new reality.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Thank you, Katie.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Anita, I have to father and mother both spoiled me. They made me believe that finding that kind of companionship was like falling out of your bed. Boy, what a reality check life has been.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Thank you, Margaret.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Lisabet, I agree with you. I love to see people overcome their flaws or their mistakes. Their growth is part of the wonderful story. And, when the characters are able to come together, that is beautiful to me.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Ginger, it's been wonderful visiting your site.

Thank you again for inviting me, and I hope that you and your readers will drop by my website or visit Red Rose Publishing's website to keep an eye on me and my books.


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