Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twenty Things That Annoy Me

Feel free to chime in if I haven't listed your pet peeves.  It's time we all came clean and clue in those that continue with their annoying habits.  But you know what?  I'll bet most who are annoying know it already and don't really care. *smile*

1.  People who text and drive:  Actually people on cell phones, period.  Hang up the damn thing or pull over! And if you're in a public place, keep your voice down.  I don't want to hear about your private life.

2. People who blast their music with speakers that boom.  If I wanted to hear their music, I'd buy the CD or listen to that station.  You're not cool, you're just annoying.

3. Men who smoke cigars and assume everyone loves the rancid smell:  Guess what...you stink.  Also, inconsiderate smokers.  Tennessee is filled with them.

4. People who type an entire email to inquire about a web address they "lost:"  How about using Google like the rest of us.  I have better things to do than search for what YOU need, although I usually do because I'm just nice...or stupid.

5.  Businesses that relocate or close up shop but leave their signs posted:  There should be a law they have to remove them.  How many times have you seen a billboard or indication that gasoline is ahead, your gauge is almost on empty, and guess what????

6.  People in motorized carts that take up the entire aisle and act like they are the only ones shopping.  And why are most of these people obese?  They seem to walk into the store just fine.

7.  Shoppers who decide they don't want something and toss it wherever they are:  C'mon, donuts in the pet aisle.  Really?  Don't want it, put it back where you got it.

8.  People with children who cry throughout the entire visit to the store:  Either buy the kid the toy or take them outside or, better yet, home.

9.  Wrong numbers:  I expect them once in a while, but when you are calling a doctor's office and someone answers with "hello," don't follow up with "I'm calling to schedule my surgery."  How many physician's receptionists answer with just "hello?"  Next time, I'm gonna schedule your surgery.

10. Entire families that shop in an impenetrable, horizontal line: Hey folks, guess what.  Not everyone wants to follow you while you stroll.  Some of us want to pass and move along.

11. Eye drops:  I've never been able to keep my eye open and put in eye drops.  They should be called cheek drops, because that's where they end up.

12. Rainstorms that come right after I've washed my car:  I think this is self-explanatory, and I think I could probably solve a drought problem.

13. Barking dogs:  Don't the owners hear them?

14. People in "public service" jobs who act like you're annoying them:  If you don't want to serve the public, when why are you in that job?

15. People who make appointments and don't show u:  If you reserve a spot with someone, say a hairstylist, and you don't show up, you're costing them money they could have made by booking someone more reliable. 

16. People who don't return phone calls:  If I take time to leave a message, it must be important to me, so when you ignore me, it sends a negative message...like "I don't give a crap."

17.  People who don't pick up their dog's poop:  If you're going to adopt this policy, then let them crap in your own yard.

18.  5000 different ATM machines:  Why can't we have some consistency so we don't have to keep learning how to use them?

19.  Chatty cashiers or those who don't take the next person in line when they open their register:  Okay this probably sounds petty, because I like friendly people, but there is a time and place.  When I'm waiting in line, I don't want to hear you and the person in front of me talking about everything from the weather to kids.  And if I've been standing in line for fifteen minutes, don't open a register and take the person who just walked up...retrieve someone who has actually invested time.

20. Women who wear things that make your mouth gape.


Cindy Jacks said...

LOL...good thing you got all that off your chest! Venting is very necessary some days :)

Margaret West said...

OMG, I'm laughing so much, I'm crying at women who wear things that make your mouth gape. I'm gaping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAY, my pet peeve, dog owners who let their dogs poop on the pavements. My shoes always seem to find the stinking mess!!!arggghhhh
Your blogs made me smile before I got to bed, ginger.

Jannine said...

Ginger, I can identify with most of those. My biggest gripes are the cigarette/cigar smoke and the people using cells while driving. Can we say dangerous?

Loved your list.

Latesha said...

LOL These brought a smile to my face.

Sally_Odgers said...

It's illegal to pick up your mobile phone while you're driving here. As for the dogs... probably the owners don't hear them because they're out. Dogs often DO bark when the owners are out. Ours sing when we come home. It's quite tuneful. Oh, and I've never seen a motorised shopping trolley! Can't have reached this far south.

Chris Redding said...

I had to laugh at cheek drops. I have no prob with drops as I've worn contacts for more than 20 years. but.
I have to put drops in everyone else's eyes in the house. (or cheeks)
I hate when you do something nice and you get grief for it.

win said...

any apt that I make and they make me wait for them....whats the point in scheduling if I am going to see the doctor (or anyone) 2 hrs after the apt time booked?

Ginger Simpson said...

Win, I agree, but at the doctor, I've changed my attitude a bit, because I like when he takes all the time I need and doesn't make me feel like he has to rush out of the room. When I have to wait, I just tell myself that I appreciate the extra time he'll spend with me if I need it. :) But hair appointments...things like that, I'm with you 100%. If you want me at 10:00, then be there.

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