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A Visit by Julie A. D’Arcy-The Cross Of Tarlis

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Ginger for giving me this opportunity today to tell you a little about my new novel coming out at the end of April. I am an Australian author, living in Victoria with her 2 cats, who has been published for 12 years, and writing for 13. My first published book WON the RIO Award, and placed in the PEARL, SAPHIRE, and the Australian RUBY Award of that same year.

The Cross of Tarlis has been ten years in the writing, as I have not wanted to let go of my baby ;-) It is a fast paced Heroic Fantasy. With lots of action, excitement, magic and romance, to suit both male and female readers. It is a long book but a very fast read, as it is pacy, so please do not be put off by its length. I promise you will find it rewarding!


Five hundred years has passed since the great Mage War. Sernon of Asomos is defeated and his bones lay at the bottom of a glacial lake. His spirit roams forever in the void. Tarlis is at peace. Or is it?

Deep within the waters of Lake Dalen-Gae, evil stirs...

A Princess of the Wolfhead is kidnapped by the High Priest of the Urakians and used in a dark ritual to raise Sernon of Asomos, a sadistic necromancer bent on enslaving the people of Tarlis.

There is an Urakian uprising and enemy warriors swarm the land.

One woman is named in an ancient Elisian prophecy. She is Tannith, Princess of Ellenroh, descendant of Dragonbane, King of the old code. Only by her hand can the pieces of the legendary Cross of Tarlis be assembled, and with its use in raising their God Magus can freedom be restored to their realm.

But someone else also desires the famed talisman.

In a perilous land, facing an uncertain future, Tannith pins her hopes on two men: Kaden of the Wolfhead, bastard son of a cursed king, haunted by his failure to save his family, and stop his older brother from being transformed to an Ice Tiger; and Etanandril Jarrisendel, Captain of the Elisian Elite, Tannith’s childhood friend, and the man who loves her.

One will become a king. The other will face his fears and become a hero.
Both will become legends.

A mixture of Heroic Fantasy, myth, magic, adventure and passion.

She had heard what Etan had said about her, and heard Tannith come to her defense. He would rue the day he was unkind to her.

Her fists clenched in the tiger’s fur, and she heard the animal growl softly, and smiled. She knew instinctively he wouldn’t hurt her. Not consciously anyway.

She had taken to riding the tiger of late, rather than on the horse with Etan. “That ungrateful son of a Panpheon Ape—”

“He is a fool, little one, if he cannot see what is before his eyes,” rumbled a deep voice inside her head. Skylah spun—and stilled.

“Who said that?”

“Do not be afraid, 'tis I, the beast upon which you ride.”

“Tiger? How did you do that?” She swallowed to moisten her suddenly dry throat. “Usually I can only communicate with birds, it has never happened with such a large creature before.

“That I cannot answer, yet 'tis enough that it be so. Do you not think?”

“Perhaps,” said Skylah still a little disconcerted. She sat for several heartbeats contemplating the matter. “So, what do you see tiger, when you look at me, other than a Fayrie and a tasty morsel?”

“I would never see you in that vein, little one. And call me Erik, for that is my name”

“Then you may call me Skylah for that is my true name. Now tell me what you see.”

Erik gave the Fayrie's question some thought. “When I look upon you I see before me a woman with luscious red-gold hair, laughing green eyes and a body a goddess would yearn for. You are most lovely.”

Skylah flushed. “You are very gallant, my furry friend. Though you also see small, do you not? And that is all Etan will ever see. My size. Yet how can he not? For that is who I am. A tiny Fayrie to be brushed aside at whim.” She sighed. “If only I were tall, with fair hair, and beautiful like Tannith. Then he would take notice. I would make him.”

I would do more than notice, thought Erik. “The trouble with men of his kind,” he said, “is that they only see with their eyes, not with their hearts. If you see with your heart, anything can be possible. After all, we live in a realm of myth, magic and legend. Who is to know what can happen in the future? I have heard tales of men being transformed to wild beasts. Surely it would not be so hard to change one small Fayrie into a full-sized woman?”

“Is that what happened, Erik? Were you transformed?” She smiled. “If so, tell me who you are? A vagabond, a poet, a mercenary, a King? You can tell me Erik. I can keep your secret. I have one of my own, you know?”

Erik tensed and withdrew into silence for several paces. When he spoke, his words were chosen with care. “I’m sorry little one, I cannot do that. Just know, sometimes things are not what they seem.”

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Read another excerpt from THE CROSS OF TARLIS

Thank you for taking the time to read my work and visit with me today

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Lorrie said...

Hi Julie,
I, for one, like thick books. If the adventure is good, I never want it to end.
Yours sounds like a winner to me.
Good luck with it.

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