Monday, April 12, 2010

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Just Do It

There I am staring at what looks to me as a couple tons of twisted steel. My son is tugging at my hand begging me please to try the ride with him. My stomach and I are not so sure we agree, but against my better judgment, I acquiesce. After all, I had a light breakfast.

We wait in line for our turn and finally, when it comes, the operator harnesses us into the death trap aka the Ring of Fire roller coaster. I think, I've spent most of my life trying to avoid situations in which I will put my butt over my head, yet here I am volunteering to do so. Crap, I'm scared. My son, on the other hand, is vibrating with excitement. Literally. He can't sit still.

While I watch his anticipation, the part of my brain that deals with courage kicks in--you know, the part that flips off the common sense and says, "Oh come on. Just do it!" Besides, I have no choice now. I'm strapped in and the coaster cars have started to move.

The agonizing climb up the first hill begins. My son kicks his feet and gives me a hundred-watt smile. I return a less than sincere grin. We stop for a second at the hill's crest...and then plunge down at break-neck speed.

And I love it.

My little boy and I are laughing and howling now. The rest of the ride is a blur of dips, turns, loops, and dives. It's terrifying and fantastic all at the same time. Kinda like writing a book.

Granted the chances I take when producing a novel are more emotional than physical, but the rush from the successful completion is no less palpable. Though most days I'm attached to my laptop, not a roller coaster, I believe I'm addicted to the thrill of, as Hemingway would put it, "staring down the bull." And I don't think it's an addiction I'll be getting over any time soon. Every time I sit down at my computer, my courage kicks in and I think like a Nike commercial--Just do it!

Cindy's up coming release, All the Good Men, can be found in May from Moongypsy Press. Don't forget to check out Cindy's other releases on her website.

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