Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Covers

The question that always crops up on discussion threads, is how much importance does the cover of a book play in whether or not a reader purchases it?  What constitutes a good book cover, in your opinion?

 I've been pleased with most of my covers and recently added them to the "rate my cover site.  I've been amazed to find that the covers I thought were the most attractive and depicted the story to a tee received the lower ratings.  Evidently, I have no idea what makes a cover appealing. :)

I've re-released a few of my older works and I'm amazed at the different depictions between two cover artists who received the same input from me.  The one on the left is my new cover, and the one on the right is the debut cover.

The same for Prairie Peace. Isn't it amazing how the idea can evolve into such different covers? This story is about a newlywed wife who finds herself stranded on the prairie, miles from civilization and depending upon an injured Indian to help her survive when her husband fails to return from gathering supplies for the approaching winter.  The new cover is the top one and the bottom, the old.

Then, look at the transformation between the two covers for Sisters in Time, my time travel with features two women from different eras who switch time and bodies for a trip they'll never forget. 
 And last but certainly not least, my coming revised copy of Beside Myself.  Here's the new cover that will be appearing:

So, what makes a good cover in your opinion?  I'd love to know.


Cheryl said...

I like something that catches my eye, that looks unique against a slew of other books on the shelf.

I don't buy a book based upon its cover, but it sure helps me decide to pick it up initially if the cover is attractive.

I have to admit I've wondered at times what goes through someone's head when I see a cover that I feel is really not great; but as you said, the covers you really liked received lower ratings, so I'm sure cover designers know more about it than I do.


Viviane Brentanos said...

I agree with Cheryl. i don't buy a book based on its cover but a cover is akin to art. Sometimes something will just jump out and grab you. You don't why but its is pleasing to the eye. I do not like over-fussy covers. Colours are important; strong . vivid covers but, at the same time, I love anything in water-coloured etching effect.

J D Webb said...

I love covers that truly give me a clue about the story. That I don't have to put on my artist beret and say, "I think that reminds me of a squid."
And bright colors that grab you. And I'd love to get mine for my book due out SOON.

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