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Welcome, Laura Hogg

Hello, Ginger, thank you very much for having me here! It’s an honor, and I’m happy to be your guest today, among such wonderful company!

Let’s see, I write mostly romance, and the majority of it is historical or paranormal. I wonder if the house I grew up in had any influence. ☺

Carter was the president, or was it Ford? Ford. When as a small girl, I moved into this rather large house with my family. My dad got a great deal on the rent, and we were only three blocks away from the Catholic school my sisters and I would attend. Why did my dad get that excellent rate on this grand house built in 1901? A: It was directly behind a mortuary and B: It was rumored to be haunted. Ahah! That could explain my fascination with history and the paranormal, or maybe not.

At any rate, we lived there for ten years, and some interesting things happened there. I never did see a ghost, but my sister did, and she said, “He was wearing really old-fashioned looking clothes, just smiled at me then disappeared.”

My mom was a spiritual leader, a warm, loving, selfless person who spent her life helping others and teaching about God. She discussed with me things such as karma and the astral plane, ghosts and angels. My growing years were filled with information about the supernatural. Before I was born, my mom had been a folk singer and then a journalist, working as assistant editor for the second largest newspaper in the state where I was born. She remained a writer until the end.

Her little brother, (one of many siblings) is a famous rock singer, having shared the charts with the Beatles at one time. Well, one time he needed to get away; he needed a break from the scene. Our mysterious house behind the mortuary offered the perfect place for him to hide out. He stayed with us for a while, but when he’d walk my sisters and me to the ice cream shop or somewhere else, he’d always wear dark sunglasses. He once told me that in order to be a good songwriter, you had to tell a story.

I grew up as a musician who started writing poetry then moved on to rock songs before stories.  Not a very good musician, my heart was into it anyway.  I believe everyone has something to offer the world. As a musician, I didn’t have raw talent and struggled with my art, working very hard with not much success, but I had a message that was my own, a point to make that I was uniquely qualified to make. Sometimes technical skill isn’t the point; not when you’re called by a higher power to do something. Every one of us has something to say in a way no one else can.

As an introvert, I just wrote my stories for fun; then one day after college, when I was in my thirties, I decided to submit work. Of course it was rejected. Though I had a strong grasp of English grammar, I discovered in a critique group that it takes more than that to tell a story. I learned from many wonderful people who were also talented writers about the art and craft of fiction writing. Head-hopping? What was that? Point of view? These writers taught me so much over a few painful years having my work torn to pieces before I built it back up. I discovered what a pleasure it was to see a revised and much better version of my work after so much sweat and tears, so to speak.

Okay, now to give a smattering of my work:
The 12th Kiss: Set in 1820, London

Available with Wings ePress:
An American heiress living in 19th century London can fight and uses her talent to go about in disguise as a hero and make the streets safer.  She meets and falls in love with a Viscount, and they become close friends.  They wander the City’s most dangerous streets together, fighting crime.  All the while, she has an enemy who wants her dead.

The Viscount is in love with the American heiress, not knowing that she is the best friend he tells his deepest secrets to.  He proposes marriage, and she turns him down because he would make her give up fighting if he discovered her true identity. They are in for a bumpy ride where true love could be lost forever, under the weight of crushed dreams.

Romeo vs. Juliet II: The Questrist (time-travel/spec-fic) ebook, short novel. (sex scene, but not graphic) (I love time travels!)

Ambrose, an Elizabethan man, his wife Josephine, and their young daughter are called to an important mission in the far future, but something goes terribly wrong. Ambrose must solve a mystery or his family will be lost to him forever. He faces a deadly enemy. The trail leads him back into the past several centuries where Josephine has interfered; changing the direction of an important battle, and therefore Elizabethan England disappears off the map of history. He walks around his home world, unable to reverse things. Could this cause Romeo to leave Juliet forever?

Emma the Outlaw, a Western short story (electronic) out with Eirelander Publishing:

Emma looks down at the crowd from a hanging platform. Her father was framed, and she took the blame for the crime to save him from execution. Where is her beloved husband, Nate?  She looks around and sees her husband on a horse, guns blazing. In a whirlwind rescue, she hops on the back of his horse, and they’re off, realizing that they will spend the rest of their lives as outlaws.

They capture a wanted man and leave him at the doorstep of the sheriff’s office. The sheriff finds Emma and Nate and makes an interesting deal with them: they will capture the bad guys behind the scenes and allow him to take all the credit…this in turn for not being run in. For this couple, ahead lies a life of excitement and passionate love.

Deadly Karma: Three Speculative Tales (three short paranormal stories, electronic format) 

Available with Midnight Showcase:

Karma: Karma’s Time Machine: A mean college girl learns a lesson she’ll never forget when she stumbles upon another dimension.

The Deadly 50/50: She is neither good enough for heaven, nor bad enough for hell. Now it’s time to take a stand. Given a task that sends her to the gates of hell, success seems possible; then she sees who the gatekeeper is.

Karma: The Blue Dress: One woman must make a sacrifice to insure the future. Another must give up something to save the past. What happens when the 21st century meets the 19th for a dual tale across time?

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