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What will a queen do to win back her man and her country? Nayda, a warrior queen, and her husband rule over a small kingdom in a post-apocalyptic world doing the best they can to rebuild their city and bring prosperity to their

A European queen visits and creates chaos. She goes to war with Nayda and takes her crown, and, under strange circumstances steals her husband. Now Nayda must return to her espionage ways. Her missions are extremely dangerous, even more so than battle, where she can at least see the sword coming.

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Nayda watched her. "If you show yourself, the people will overthrow him."

"Why do I still love him?" she moaned.

Caroline pulled her into a hug.

"Excuse me," a male voice said.

Both ladies straightened and watched the agent, Dennis,
enter from a tiny attached room. He was a lean man, not
appearing physically strong, but he could hold his own.

He bowed before Nayda. "My Queen."

She stepped before him and studied his face. "Do you have

"I¹m afraid it's bad news."

Caro stood beside Nayda, watching the agent intently.

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