Saturday, August 7, 2010

Welcome, Nora LeDuc

Do we call it ‘Word of Mouth’ or ‘Word of Computer’?

Recently we bought a bigger camper. What to do with our current one?

“No problem,” my husband told me. “We’ll list it for sale on Craigslist.”

I’m sure many of people have had good experiences with this list, but I immediately got a chill and heard a hoarse whisper, “Craigssslissst.”

Without hesitation, my husband wrote his ad and uploaded the pictures of the RV with his special C.L. security code.

See they have security precautions. Not to worry. I told myself.

The first prospective buyer’s email showed up almost immediately. He wanted to exchange a Harley Davidson bike for the camper. Now, we’re talking about a four year old hybrid vehicle worth around seven thousand, hardly a match for this type of bike.

“We’re not really good at bartering, or riding Harleys,” my husband said as he read it to me.

I agreed. We were more the pedal type of bikers. So we waited for another buyer to turn up

We didn’t wait long. The next hopeful candidate offered to pay a thousand dollars more than the camper was worth. Wow, was this a philanthropist? Wait, before we counted our profits, there was one minor glitch. The buyer couldn’t afford to pay all at once. He’d give us a thousand dollars a month until they reached the golden number of 8,000. Hmm, camping season would be long over by the time the buyers paid us off. And, the email continued, we weren’t to worry about his state of bankruptcy; his lawyer would send us a letter vouching for his ability to pay.
This was strange. If you’re in debt should you be buying a recreational vehicle? It’s not like we were selling a huge, live in type. Before we had a chance for a third offer or to reconsider our two offers, my husband walked outside, chatted with our next door neighborhood and sold our RV.

“Sorry,” he wrote our applicants, “the camper is gone.”

So is it true that the old fashion type of communication is dead? What I think it really means is despite all the headlines and discussions, you can’t beat the old face to face conversations that we’ve had since Eve told Adam, “Try this apple. You’ll like it.”

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Annette Snyder said...

what a great cover! and what a talented author!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Annette! Ditto to you.,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ginger for having me. Nora

Lin said...

Love your intro. Thanks again Ginger and Nora for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Lin, Glad I could give you a laugh. It's always a great day when we can smile. Nora

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