Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome, Krista D. Ball

I'm a Canadian author, currently living in Alberta, though I'm originally from Newfoundland (pronounced Newf-in-land, not New-found-lund). I've done lots of different writing, including various short stories, freelancing for a local magazine, and I co-edited 4 Karma RPG books. I'm also a slush reader for a Canadian publisher and did an internship last year where I slush read for a speculative fiction magazine (amongst other jobs).

I have two upcoming releases with MuseItUp Publishing - Harvest Moon (Oct 1) and Flying Kite, Crashing Ship (Mar, 2011). Plus, I have a self-published short story that is already released on Smashwords titled, The Amazing Transformation of Wicca Dog.

I'm a practical person. I don't read books with deep meanings, nor do I watch movies like that. I like to be entertained, where I can pretend to be someone else for a few hours. My writing reflects that. I don't write for a greater meaning and I certainly don't write to teach a moral lesson.

My writing is meant to help people forget their problems for a few hours and pretend they are someone else. I write two extremes: dark and light. I've been told that I do dark fiction well. However, I can only write so many depressing scenes before I want to pick up the bottle and run screaming through the streets. To cope, I also write crazy, light-hearted stories. My current story, Wicca Dog, is a good example of that craziness.

Wicca Dog was inspired by a visit to a local pagan store. The owners have a black and white border collie named Fred who hangs out at the store. (He stole part of my lunch, but I'll forgive him). I didn't know his name so I dubbed him "wicca dog." Well, that obviously required a short story. And, there we have it, a werewolf-border collie story.

To check The Amazing Transformation of Wicca Dog, visit Smashwords ( ). My First Nations-inspired novelette, Harvest Moon, was released by MuseItUp Publishing last week (ahead of schedule!), so I’m scrambling to fix all of the links on my website! Buy link for Harvest Moon -

One thing that I enjoy doing is turning stereotypes and clichés upside down. I’m tired of the same ol’ man saves a damsel in distress. In Harvest Moon, the damsel in distress, Dancing Cat, gets turned into a man. The male hero, Bearclaw, is bisexual, just for a twist instead of the usual ultra-heterosexual hero. I’m tired of the clichés. So, I let my twisted mind loose on them. It’s a lot more fun.


Arlene said...

Couldnt decide which version of kindle to get. Asked my son to deal, and if he expects to ever come home again, he'll have one on its way. I completely agree on reading for pleasure,and yep, Wicca Dog is on top of my to buy list.

Krista D. Ball said...

Perhaps I'm just not smart, but I get all depressed and/or confused when I read these deep, literary works.

I'm like that with movies, too.

Saving Private Ryan? Depressing.
The Expendables? Rockin.
Beloved? Dumb.
Tropic Thunder? So totally awesome.

Then again, Beloved would have been better with more explosions.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

I like a mix of books but mostly dark fiction to scare the beegeebees out of me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista & Ginger:

Having a Border Collie Blue, Heeler cross I can sympathize with those looking after Wicca Dog. I think our Coco has learned her share of witchcraft, she loves playing tricks. Even getting her to come to the vehicle to go home at the end of the dogs' run is an opportunity to find reason to investigate every clump and gopher hole.

I daren't let her out near a field of cows, no matter how placidly they might be minding their own business -- they clearly need to be rounded up, and Coco is always glad to oblige.

I must read Wicca Dog to see what your character finds to get into.

Chris H.

Maria Zannini said...

:sigh: Them border collies. They steal your lunch but at least they give you a great idea for a book.

Congrats, Krista! I'm proud of you.

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