Wednesday, October 20, 2010

David Fingerman - Stopping by on his blog tour...

 Ladies and Gentlemen,
I've very pleased to welcome author, David Fingerman to my blog today.  He's nearing the end of a whirlwind blog tour, and I'm happy to help him promote his new book.  I'll let him tell you a little about himself and his book, Silent Kill.  So without further ado, meet David Fingerman:

As a very young boy, I remember watching an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” on TV. If memory serves correctly, the name of the episode was “An Unlocked Window.” It’s the one where the guy was going around killing nurses. It was the first and only time (that I can recall) that a piece of fiction on television scared the hell out of me. So much so that it stayed with me for all of these years…and started my love affair with the horror genre.

After more than twenty years working as a Court Clerk in the Hennepin County Court System, I am fascinated by all sides of the human condition. I have seen the best and worst people can bring out. I try to incorporate all of these traits into my writing. Whether I’m writing a thriller, horror, mainstream, or humor, my goal is to tell an entertaining story with characters that will stay with you long after you put the book or magazine down.

Eons ago, as a wee nip of a lad,  I saved breakfast cereal boxtops until I had enough to send away for something cool.  Poor memory doesn’t allow me to remember what those cool toys were, but I do remember waiting patiently each day (at least the first week, waiting quite impatiently the next 4 to 6 weeks) for the mailman to drop off a small package with my name on it.  Those memories came flooding back a few weeks ago when my publisher, L&L Dreamspell, emailed me what the cover to “Silent Kill” would look like.  The first thing that hit me was what a great cover.  The second was my understanding that the cover would be the last step before the book being sent off to the printer.  That meant the book would soon be released. 

 I ordered some extra copies to send out for reviews, etc., and the wait began.  The first week passed by with no trauma.  I wasn’t really expecting anything.  In the back of my mind there was a faint glimmer of hope that maybe by Friday or Saturday ~ but no.  By Wednesday of the next week I kept thinking any day now.

 When just the typical mail showed up on Saturday I could feel the little kid in me getting a bit flustered.  As the next week wore on it was a chore not to sit out on the front step and wait for the postal carrier. (A lot has changed since I was young – they’re called postal carriers now.  One other thing has changed since I was a kid waiting for the mailman.  Back then one could pretty much count on the mail arriving at the same time everyday.

 Today it seems as though I have a different carrier each day.  I can get my mail as early as 9am or as late as 6:30pm.  It varies day-to-day which could make sitting on the front step an exercise in futility – and a very sore butt.)  By Thursday the stress was getting to me.  I dreamt that night that my books arrived but the print was so small, the entire book was no bigger than a pamphlet – complete with staple in the middle.  I thought that was a sign.  I was going to get my books on Friday.  Nope.  Saturday morning I slept until 9:30.  Not ten minutes after getting up, the doorbell rang.  I peeked out the window and saw the postal carrier walking back to his truck.  My heart raced faster than my feet as I dashed to the front door.  There, next to the welcome mat (well, mat anyway.  I admit I’m not the most social of creatures) were boxes of my book.  And nope – they ain’t pamphlet size.  I gotta say ~ it’s a damn handsome book.  Buy one and see for yourself (hey, if I’m not going to pimp myself ~ who will?).

You can find out where David's book is available on his site.   Also, continue to follow David on his next stop, October 22.  I'll be drawing from those who leave a comment, and one lucky winner will receive a $10.00 Amazon gift card.


Karen McGrath said...

Hi David, Cool cover. I'd love to hear the tagline for your book. :)

JoanneR said...

Horror! One of my favorite genre's. Will definitely look forward to reading your book! Thank you for sharing a little bit of you with us!

Roseanne Dowell said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today, David. I can relate to the mailman - uh postal carrier - mine never comes at the same time either.

Faery Charming said...

Nice article. Love the cover of the book.

marie at ehound dot info

prahlad said...

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, David,

First of all, congratulations on the book! It IS a great cover. (I love your author photo, too.Very atmospheric!)

Long ago (my first book was published 11 years ago) I learned that you just have to let go of the eagerness, to pretend to yourself you don't care. Otherwise the waiting will drive you bonkers.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate once the book DOES arrive, of course!


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

holding that first book in your hands for the first time is a great feeling, even better than a magic signet ring. lol.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi David,
Sorry for being late in coming in. Great cover. And I know the feeling waiting and sweating on your books to arrive. But isn't it wonderful when they do eventaully arrive.


Anita Davison said...

Compelling cover, David - and I totally empathise. I still wait for the post with anticipation and there's nothing like that brown-wrapped parcel covered with tape and my name on it I tear fingernails to rip open.

Charlie said...

Great interview David. Love the flashback and how it created the craving for writing horror. We are the past, just as we are the present and the future. thanks for sharing!
C.K. Volnek

david said...

Thank you all very much for your comments. Much appreciated. I'm glad so many of you can relate on the waiting game. and yup - it is worth it! : )

Best to you all ~ David

Margaret West said...

Hi David
I've seen your book somewhere before lol oh yes, on my blog!!! Good luck with it, I'm sure it will fly from the shelves.

Ginger Simpson said...

Twelve Comments, so I picked lucky number six before I scrolled through them. Lisabet Sarai is the winner, and I will be contacting the organizer of David's Blog tour so she can send the gift card directly. Thank you all for stopping by and making David's visit worthwhile. I know we all wish him much success.

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