Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Thankful I'm Not a Felon!

Someone pasted something silly on Facebook about jail and I commented, then pasted the fun little blurb on my profile.  Wrong move.  My ex-sister-in-law and brother both piped up with memories from the past reminding me that perhaps there is a little of me in my latest release, First Degree Innocence.

 I've blocked the horrible experience of when I was eighteen and arrested in a retail store called, White Front, back in the mid sixties. Of course they had to dredge everything up, but I'm sort of glad they did.  I had some good giggles this morning.

Then, my claim of "innocence" fell on deaf ears and I'd never felt so vulnerable, frustrated and frightened in my life.  In the end, my father, bless his heart, stood up for me and declared that his daughter was no thief, and I was released and all charges expunged.  I'd just taken my first job at the local Air Force Base and had a top security clearance.  I saw it all washing down the drain before my eyes. Whew...that was a close call.  I love you, Dad...even though you've been gone far too long from my life.

Anyhow...this was a great revelation and a chance to share First Degree Innocence with you here.  Carrie Lang feels the frustration, fright and vulnerability I felt on that horrible day, so I did draw from my own past.  Except she wasn't in for shoplifting a pair of $2.99 sandals...

The e-book is available at Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, and soon, in print, from Createspace.  The ebook version is presented by Books We Love Publishing Partners.  Visit now and enter to win a scrumptious tower of treats.  Tis the season to forget diets.


L. K. Below said...

The book sounds enticing, Ginger! And the trailer, as always, is fantastic!

Marie Higgins said...

Great trailer! And thank GOD for Daddies like yours. Mine would have done that for me, too.


Anonymous said...

Slow down is hard for me to keep up with all the books you write. What a busy author you are!

Heather Haven said...

The books sounds terrific, Ginger! Way to go. And the trailer couldn't be doing a better job of selling that! But then your trailers are always sensational.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Books sounds terrific and I agree with everyone else, the trailer is terrific.

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