Monday, November 8, 2010

Stopping by on her tour...Welcome, Kristin Roisin

“One day, you’ll see. My name will be up in lights.”

I remember these words as if I’d spoken them just yesterday. I was 15, and once again, being reminded that my particular path was not a “stable” path. I needed something to “fall back on”, just in case. Of course, the over-emotional artist in me only heard, “You’ll never succeed in this far-fetched dream of yours. Do something else. Something more responsible.”

Everything came full circle for me though, when on Oct. 29th, I looked up at the digital marquee, outside of the banquet hall we were going to be entering soon, and saw my  name up there. In sparkling white digital lights. My fifteen year old counterpart would have been so proud. But she also would have exclaimed a few dozen, “I told you so!’s” I still relate to that fifteen year old. On an artist’s level, at least. Allowing myself to get lost in my work, or the world I’m creating on paper. Getting annoyed when there is an incessant, constant barrage of “Mama...mama....mama...” or “Honey.... Honey.... Honey....” Or even allowing uncontrollable fits of laughter to consume me, when the next chapter has been completed.

It is that fifteen year old, and her undeniable drive, and passion to create beautiful works of art, whether it be a painting, or a song or even a short story, that pushes me through the frustration, the writer’s block, and even the times when motivation has run screaming from the house, leaving me high and dry. I remember her goal, and there is just no way I can let her down.

Of course, the years have sharpened a few edges, and smoothed a few others. In my passionate desire to finish “the next chapter”, there is a patience that has developed. “It will happen.” In my need to hold a finished book in my hand, a calm has developed. “No need to jump on the roof, and wake the neighbors.” And in my unbridled infatuation, with seeing my name in lights, a graciousness has developed. (I pointed the sign out to my mother, and had no urge to yell, “I told you!”)

Throughout this journey, and all of the ripped and torn out pages, that were promptly crumbled and tossed into the waste can, every year that passed, ensured that the woman who published these books, would be capable of handling the pressure, the success, and even the failures, that would accompany them. And though it seemed to take forever, it was definitely worth it. And each job that I took, prepared me for something that I would have to face in this journey. And so, to the fifteen year old, I only have one thing to say to her. “I suppose it was a good thing, that we learned a few things.... to fall back on.”

About Kristin:
 A very happily married, stay at home mother, raising two little boys. Kristin has been writing since junior high, loving all forms of the written word, including poetry, short stories, scripts and even music, but only in the last 6 or 7 years, has had the inspiration, and support, to actually have her works published. 

And now, that dream is coming true! With a wonderful team at PublishAmerica, to help Kristin realize this dream, and with the love and support of friends and family, she knows that this book can only do great things.  

About Nyte Beauti:
The epic journey of one woman's search for identity, belonging, and love.

When Desta awakens each evening, all she knows is that unquenchable hunger, and a familiar pair of gray eyes. Aside from that, she doesn't remember anything... yet.

 It doesn't take long, before she finds herself thrust into the adventure of a lifetime (or several, as the case may be) as she dodges danger, experiences heartbreak, and ultimately, discovers herself, and true love. 

Follow, Kristin on her tour:  November 10 - Author Interviewed at

You can find out more about Kristin on her website

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Maryannwrites said...

Congrats on the book, Kristin. What a thrill to have your dream fulfilled.

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