Friday, November 12, 2010

It's my Birthday and I'll Blog if I wanna...

I'm thankful for so many things in my life.  Today I'm sixty-five-years-old.  I don't know how it happened--I jumped from forty to senior citizen in the blink of an eye.  If anyone asks if I could go back and change anything about my life, I'd say no.  Everything that has happened has led me to this moment.  I've been loved by three wonderful men, have two awesome sons, and my most special gift of all, my grandson, Spencer. 

God has been wonderful to me.  I'm in good health, good spirits most of the time, and I still manage to be a "glass half-full" type of person.  I'm so fortunate that I have a husband who encouraged me to take an early retirement to pursue my writing, and who supported me in my idea to move to Tennessee to become more active in helping Spencer deal with his autism.  He's made wonderful progress, but he still has a way to go.  As I listen this moment to his "stimming" while he plays with Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, I view that repetitive noise as a love song.  Ever love someone so much your heart hurts?  That's how I love my Spencer.

Yes, I'm an author and I'm very proud of all my accomplishments, but if asked to surrender that part of my life in exchange for seeing my grandson grow to be a self-reliant and confident young man, I wouldn't hesitate to let it all go.  My wish is to stick around long enough to see that dream come true. 

One thing in my life that I never have to question is Spencer's love for me.  I see it in his eyes every day.  I hope you have someone in your life that feels that way about you.  It's awesome to be his "Nee Nee."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Marsha A. Moore said...

Happy Birthday, Nee Nee! *hugs*


Anonymous said...

I am not a cry baby kind of girl...Yet this made me tear up! To know and have such love in one's life is a blessing. HaPPy THaNksGiviNg :))

Karen McGrath said...

Beautiful blog post, Ginger. You are so blessed! :)

Cellophane Queen said...

Worth playing for? Definitely.

Happy Birthday, Ginger.

Unknown said...

Inspiring post, Ginger.

Love hurts, but the pain is worth the return when given back in full measure.

I'll take it anytime.

Anita Davison said...

I have already wished you a Happy Birthday, but I thought I would jump in here too. Spencer will be grateful for your devotion when he's a grown up. Even if you have to be an octogenarian before that happens!

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