Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got Burning Questions...I have scalding answers...

If it's Thursday, then it's time for Ask MizGing.  Spread the word...send your friends, let's solve the problems of the world together.  Okay...maybe not the world, but perhaps something that's been gnawing at you or a family member. If "Ask Laska" can survive in Reader's Digest all these months, certainly I can make a difference on the Internet.  Besides, sometimes her advice stinks.  :)  I won't recommend you do anything I wouldn't do, and don't 
be frightened by the disclaimer below my picture.

By posting questions on this site, you agree to solicit answers from MizGing.  You cannot hold her liable should you follow the lame advice she provides.  :)


Anonymous said...

When was the last time you lied and to whom and why?

Roseanne Dowell said...

Oh that's a touchy question. LOL I know how I'd answer that. Okay, Mz Ginger - what's your favorite book and who's your favorite author. I know - that's two questions.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Oh and a third part to that question - Why?

Ginger Simpson said...

Wow, Anon...that's a good question. I had to give it a little thought...not because I don't ever lie, but because I'm alone so much, I have no one to lie too. *lol*

The last lie I told was to myself. I vowed that I hate the sister who disowned me and don't care what happens to her. The truth: she's my sister, she'll always be my sister and no matter how much I try to despise her, it's hard to toss away over fifty years of loving someone.

Ginger Simpson said...

Gee, just used up three Thursdays worth. *lol*

This is another tough question because there are so many awesome authors to pick from, and so many I haven't read yet.

I love the historical genre, mainly western romance. A few years back, I'd be thinking of mainstream authors, but I've read and reviewed so many e-authors who are as good or better than the "big dogs" that I choose to help promote my peers.

Margaret Tanner is an Aussie author and friend I've acquired on the Internet. Frontier Wife, although sounding like something straight from the American West is written about Australia. I loved it, and I love Margaret's writing style. She ties with Tricia McGill...another Aussie who writes captivating stories.

Two other authors who have reeled me to periods in history and places I've previously avoided are Anita Davison and Diane Scott Lewis. I discovered them through my critique group and I find their stories fascinating...the type where you can't wait for the next chapter to critique and get so involved you forget you're supposed to be doing a crit.

I'm sure I could lengthen the list because there are so many wonderful writers out there, but this gives you an idea of my preferences. If you'd ask me this question when I was twelve...Laura Ingalls inspiration to write historical novels.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Wow, Ginger, great answer to Anonymous.

Roseanne Dowell said...

So, does that mean I can't ask questions for three weeks? (or is it four because (now five) because these are questions?

Ginger Simpson said...

You, my friend, can ask anything, at anytime.

My brother, who probably hasn't read a single one of my books just asked a question on Facebook? "When are you going to get a real job?"

Jealousy is a horrible thing, isn't it? He still has to drag himself out of bed and drive through stop and go traffic every morning, while I don't. *hahahaha*

Roseanne Dowell said...

LOL okay, then you can count on me to ask questions. Oh don't you just love it. My brother keeps asking when I'm going to get a real book published in one breath and the next, he says I must be rich because I'm published. Go figure.

Heather Haven said...

So, okay. My husband of 37 years comes home late, his shirt inside out, his fly zipper down, one of his socks missing, and stinking of gin. Am I right in assuming he was in a traffic accident? He's had a lot of those lately. The last time, he had sneaker marks on his back. Thanks for your honest reply, Curious Wife.

Heather Haven said...

Wait a minute. Isn't this Dear Abby?

Cheryl said...

Well MizGing, I won't ask you to solve the world's problems, but I am curious: is there one book you've read that you thought, "I wish I had written that?"



Ginger Simpson said...

Okay, Miss Haven...umm, now that I've pulled myself together, let's address the terrible luck your husband has been having of late.

Does he drive truck? It almost sounds like he's had a horrible run in with a "lot lizard". Those creatures can be vicious, and the sneaker marks on his back were a dead giveaway.

On the other hand, if he doesn't drive truck, then I would immediately launch an investigation to find his missing sock. That might provide a valuable clue to the validity of his alibi. You might also consider dusting his fly for prints. Give him the benefit of the doubt until you have substantial evidence. Thirty-Seven years is a lot of time to throw out the window. You know if you do, you'll have to fish from the "throw back" pond of life for a new husband, and you might end up with something much worse.

And no, this isn't Dear Abby. Didn't she die?

Ginger Simpson said...

Of my recent reads, Key Lime Squeeze by Ron Adams hooked me from the first page and kept me riveted until the end. The author had humor, believable characters, and an enticing story. I loved it so much, I nominated it as my favorite read of 2010 on my site. I do believe I uttered those very words...I wish I'd written that."

Heather Haven said...

Did Dear Abby die??? No one tells me anything. Well, hubby is a trucker, just like you said. And in his sleep he has been crying out the word 'lizard' ....unless it's 'Lizzy.' It's hard to tell with his muffled voice through the pillow I hold against his face. I have dusted his fly for fingerprints and it's inconclusive. One of them is Pete, down at the hardware store. Never found his sock, tho, and it was one of his good ones. I think you're doing a great job of taking whatshernames place. You're sure she's dead?

Ginger Simpson said...

I apolgoze Miss Haven. I was was Anne Landers, Dear Abby's sister who is no longer with us. But, Dear Abby retired and her daughter is now answering. Shouldn't she have changed the name. Seems a little shady to me.

Abigail Van Buren

Field: Other

Info: She was advice columnist "Dear Abby" for many years until health problems forced her to retire (her daughter now writes the column), her sister was Ann Landers

Marva Dasef said...

Was the husband wearing a thong?

But back to questions for Mizging.

How're you doing?

Boring me, eh?

Heather Haven said...

I think they're ALL shady, hon. There' aren't many honest women like you and me left in the world. Tell that other sweet lady, Marva, that hubby has both his rubber thongs and wears them to death in the summertime, even to work.
Got a strange voicemail from Pete, down at the hardware store. Said he found one of my husband's socks in his hamper. Do you think it could have been that missing one? Never mind. Now that I know Dear Abby's kid is around and dealing with this, I'll ask her. You've been soooo sweet to me. Thanks a bunch! I won't forget it!

Rhobin said...

Which of your books is your favorite? Why?

Ginger Simpson said...

I love all of my stories, but my favorite is still Sarah's Journey. Sarah stands out among my other heroines as the strongest, most determined, and someone I aspire to emulate. I want to be just as brave as she is and as vocal when people are mistreated.

P.L. Parker said...

First time I've visited Mz Ginger - LOL and the comments, I'm dying here.

Marva Dasef said...

The better question:

Which of MY books is your favorite and, if you don't know, why not?

Ebooks free for the asking.

Ginger Simpson said...

Thanks, P.L. I hope you'll come back next Thursday with a question or two of your own. :)

Marva, dahling. I offer only one excuse...time constraints. I have a back-up of books I've been asked to review, new releases I should be promoting, and blog obligations to honor. There are so many books I want to read, and I never guessed when I looked at my spreading butt in the mirror this morning that I'd say this...there just isn't enough of my to go around. *lol*

Colleen said...

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