Friday, January 28, 2011

World Cancer Day

A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle..
Today is world cancer day.   Keep the candle burning by sharing the link to this blog.  

I invite everyone to list their  loved ones lost to Cancer in the comment section as we take a moment to utter one simple line:

Dear God, I pray for a cure for cancer.  Amen

In memory of my best friend and confidante, Patricia Suwyn who died far too soon.  I miss her every day.



P.L. Parker said...

With two sisters who have had breast cancer, you have my prayer

Roseanne Dowell said...

You definitely have my prayers,
Mary Tindira
Margaret Timko
Julia Pavlescak
Michael Pavlescak,Jr.
Mary Dunyan
James Dworznik

Markee Anderson said...

My oldest sister died of ovarian cancer at the age of 49...and I'm 49 now (which is also scary).

It's horrible and I truly wish they'd get a cure soon. So my prayers are with everyone else's.

Anne Patrick said...

My mother, Elaine
My brother, Jim and his wife Phyllis.

I miss you guys!

Margaret West said...

20 years ago I prayed for a cure for heart disease. My father died without it. Today my husband has the same illness, no cure yet, but plenty of new medicines to help with it.

My dear friend Tracey Brown died aged 28 - cancer - left three little girls behind.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this opportunity, Ginger. Please remember
my mom, Yut Seul Kassay
grandmom, Mrytle Mitchell
step-dad, Charles J. Kassay
Friends, Betty Dungan, Judy Benhase, Heidi & Jim Colderin, Anne from England and Anne from the Netherlands, and all the other affected by one sort of cancer or another.

Cheryl said...

In memory of my mom, Dorothy Jean Gevry who died on December 18, 1982 at the age of 47.

I also ask that we pray for Lennon and Lorrie, two of my dear friends who are battling various forms of cancer right now.

May God be with you all,


Cori Chaffee said...

My prayers are with you, as I know how you feel.

My grandma, Helen Givens, died a couple of years ago from Pancreatic Cancer.

My aunt, Kerry Clannin, is currently fighting Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She will lose the fight, but she is putting up quite a battle.

Diane Scott Lewis said...

I lost my cousin Alan to pancreatic cancer about three years ago. I hadn't seen him in many years because we lived 3,000 miles apart, and I'm sorry he left this world without me saying goodbye.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many are touched by this dreaded disease. Thankfully, I'd like to list my Sister Donna H., and my good friends Mary B., Donna C., and Mary B. - who have all survived.
My prayers go out to find the cure for everyone's cancer.

Sue Perkins said...

Thanks Ginger, please add my family to those who have passed over
my mother - breast cancer
my father cancer of the gullet
my mother in law bladder cancer

Also my sister who is just recovering from ovarian cancer

My prayers with everyone else too

Victoria Dixon said...

I have not lost her (Thank God), but prayers are greatly appreciated for my friend, Lori Pinkley who has cancer. I'm also commenting in memory of my beloved father-in-law. Marvin Dixon died far too early for us.

Fiona McGier said...

My father died 4 years ago from colon cancer, and I held his hand as he breathed his last breath. The principal at my kids' grade school fought breast cancer repeatedly for almost 10 years, during which she got her doctorate and put her 2 kids through college. Her husband and high school sweetheart was devastated. This disease needs to be beaten! Now!

Unknown said...

Robert Roebuck, my father
Keith Roebuck, my brother

and me...but I'm still here, thank God.

I send my prayers to all here and worldwide.

Margaret Tanner said...

You can count on my prayers.
My dear friend Gudrun, died from cancer two years go. I still miss her



Lisabet Sarai said...

My mom died of leukemia at 52.
My closest friend Karen was about the same age when ovarian cancer took her from us.

Now I'm praying for my teenage nephew Leo, who's fighting testicular cancer. He's now going through chemo. God bless him - and all of you.

Debby said...

I lost my stepfather and three firends to cancer. Now my daughter is fighting cancer and I have survived it.

Unknown said...

My daughter won her fight with Hodgkins, thank God.
But I have lost too many friends and family to this dreaded disease.
Yet, I also know many survivors.
Many cures have been found for other illnesses but it seems we still have a long wait for this one.
I pray they make the biggest breakthrough of all very soon.

Jade said...

My thoughts and prayers for all whose lives have been touched by cancer-the fallen, the survivors, the family, friends and loved ones. Remembering my Grandfather Frank, who we lost to lung cancer and my Grandmother Grace who is in remission from the same.

Colleen said...

To all who have a cancer. Jesus help them and please give them courage to fight their disease and hopefully they recover.

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