Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Honored x 3

I received  the first wonderful award from my author friend, Marva Dasef...and before I could react and put it on my blog, I received it again from Margaret West.  Following on the heels of being a Stylish Blogger, Heather Haven believes I'm worthy of the Versatile blogger.

There are rules attached to each award, and I'm awed, and also overwhelmed at the thought of picking thirty people if I do this separately.  For that reason I'm going to combine the group effort.  Thank you, Ladies, for mentioning my blog on yours.

There are rules attached to this award.You have to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.

Thank you Marva,
Thank you Margaret, and
Thank you Heather.

First I need to share seven things about myself.  This is going to be tricky because I think my life has been an open book over the past several years of blogging, and I haven't done or gone anywhere exciting.  This will probably be redundant and bland, but here I go:

So here are seven things about me.

1. In 2003, I retired from UC Davis after 23 years in Graduate Studies and The College of Letters and Science where I was an academic counselor for undergrads.
2. I hear voices in my head, but thankfully they are always the characters I write about.
3. I suffer from a disorder call Objective Tinnitus and other people can hear the noise in my head simply by putting their ear next to mine.
4. I once had my stomach stapled to lose weight for health reasons.  Turned out the lost over one hundred pounds...three if you count my ex-husband.
5. I'm addicted to Wavy Lays, and it's true, you can't eat just one.
6. I exercise (or try to) on my Wii board three times a week with my neighbor, Debbie.
7. I find it fascinating that the characters who show up with a story in mind always allow me to draw from my own experiences.

Now I have to find ten people who haven't already been given one of these awards.  I'm not sure I can do that, so I'm going to send them out one at a time as people email me and jog my memory. 

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Melissa Bradley said...

Congratulations!! You have a wonderful blog here. :)

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